Are You A Blogger? If Yes, You Need This App!

Are You A Blogger? If Yes, You Need This App!

If you run a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog, then you know how important it is to not only manage a daily calendar but also promote your content on social media. It’s all about maximising your time and reader engagement. If you don’t market your content to the right people at the right time, then you’ve created all this fabulous content that no one is really reading. It’s no easy task coming up with fresh ideas, editing and uploading pictures and  then promoting it enough on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Sometimes, juggling all these tasks can take a toll on your time and the quality of your output. So what’s a blogger to do?

The smartest thing to do is invest in an editorial calendar that helps you plan out daily posts as well as a social media scheduling app that can post automatically to various platforms. While there are a bunch of really cool apps that do this independently, we’ve discovered a nifty one that handles BOTH these things for you in one go. Meet CoSchedule – a WordPress app that makes you believe supernatural forces do exist!

The Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar helps you plan out your ideas and gives you a bird’s eye view of all your content for the day, week or month. When you see all your ideas/posts in one place, it becomes easier to figure out what you want to publish on any given day, or switch it around with something else on another day. CoSchedule’s calendar works brilliantly in this department, allowing you to plan and schedule your posts to your blog from within the app itself (it integrates seamlessly into your WordPress dashboard). What’s more, you can easily drag and drop articles from one date to another if you want to move things around.


A look at the editorial calendar in action


The Social Media Scheduler

Now THIS BIT here is the reason why we’re so in love with Coschedule at Hauterfly. While you may have heard of other cool social media management apps like HootSuite and Buffer, this app has a built-in social sharing functionality right within your editorial calendar. All you have to do is link up your various social platforms! How cool is that? So as you’re writing out your blog post, you can fill in your social messaging at the bottom and schedule it to be published at the same time as your blog.

Another great feature here is the option to push your social messages for each article multiple times during the day, week or month. Just input the text and image, schedule it for the days and times you want and forget about it. CoSchedule does the rest. Posting articles multiple times not only extends the life of each of your posts but also increases the likelihood of more people seeing the great content you’ve been creating.


Schedule all your social media posts at one go!


If you have multiple authors on your blog, you can even use CoSchedule to schedule tasks and leave messages to each other in real time. The app also integrates with Bitly (to shorten links) and Google Analytics (to keep tabs on your site visits and other stats), and even displays your social media analytics on published posts. Did we mention how brilliant this app is?

Finally, there’s the pricing. While CoSchedule helpfully offers a 14-day free trial, it has various pricing options if you’re a single user or have multiple users. It starts at under Rs 1,000, and there are also additional features that come with a price if you need them. All in all, after a month of using this nifty app ourselves, we highly recommend it to plan your digital life and save tons of time, and use the extra hours to shop online instead!

If you still need convincing, see the video below of the app in action.

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