7 Cool Apps To Download Right Now

7 Cool Apps To Download Right Now

Irrespective of which phone you’re using, there are a zillion apps you can download these days for both work and play. And keeping a track on what’s great and what’s not is quite a task. I spent the better part of the past week research some really cool apps, trying and testing testing them before arriving at this list of my top 7 apps you should definitely have on your smartphone.



1. Parchi

Parchi is pretty much like Evernote, but comes with a few additional features. You can change the colour of your notes, make lists, add tags and even group them for referencing them later. What I really like though, is that you can also use the app to jot down notes when your phone screen is locked. Download Parchi, then click on the app icon to quickly take that cute guy’s number at the bar without unlocking your phone!

Download here: Android



2. Phhhoto

Slightly different from Instagram’s Boomerang app, this app actually makes fun GIFs with a simple interface and is pretty easy to sharee on other apps. If a feed full of GIFs excites you, then Phhhoto is just what you need. Stop the struggle with Tumblr every time you need fun GIFs and make your own instantly.

Download here: AndroidiOS



3. SessMe

While there are tons of messaging apps out there, what’s really cool about SessMe is that it gives you complete control over what you share with friends and family. You know that really embarrassing text you sent your ex? What if you could wipe it off his phone and yours without him having seen it? That’s what this app does. Send unlimited texts, photos, videos and audio to your friends and preventing impending doom by deleting inappropriate messages even after you’ve sent them. The app also enhances privacy by encrypting your messages and allows you to track and delete embarrassing photos or messages that have been forwarded to others. I think this is one app ALL of us need!

Download here: AndroidiOS



4. ShadeScout Nails

No more clicking pictures of random objects and trying to match them to the colour of the nail polish you want. ShadeScout Nails is a super cool app which helps you match your nail colour to your outfit. All you need to do is aim your phone camera on any object and ShadeScout Nails scans over 25 brands to find you shades closest to the one you’re looking for. You also have the option of buying the product you like instantly. What’s even better is that you can even use this on a multi-colour image and the app will pull out hues that match the one you’re looking for.

Download here: iOS



5. Weebly

Whether you have a business of your own or are starting something new, having a website is a pretty basic requirement in this day and age. I know how petrified people get at the thought of creating a new website, what with all the coding and designing needed in the initial phase. That’s why you need Weebly. It not only helps you create websites for FREE, but also has a really slick interface. You can literally drag and drop things, change themes, and upload lots of other stuff directly from your phone. Not just that, you can also manage an already existing website from your smartphone. How cool is that, huh?

Download here: AndroidiOS



6. Instasnoop

I’m sure you know this scenario too well: You’re stalking your ex boyfriend or former BFF on Instagram, and while you’re stewing in nasty thoughts about them you accidentally hit the “like” button on their photo. Even if you unlike the photo instantly, proof of that like will still be there in their notifications. Instasnoop is an app that allows you to see Instagram profiles and pictures but disables the “like” feature so you can go about your stalking without worrying about such accidents. You can always shift back to your Instagram feed by tapping on the icon. Cool, no?

Download here: iOS



7. HERE Maps

Internet charges are astronomically high when you’re travelling, and you wouldn’t want to compromise on visiting cool local spots because you didn’t know how to get there without using Google Maps. Meet HERE Maps, an app that allows you to save a map of your destination on your iPhone before you get there. This app has maps of over a 100 countries and you can access these maps even when you’re offline. Figure your way forward from where ever you are via the app, no additional data charges incurred!

Download here: iOS

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