10 Cell Phone Hacks You Need For Music Festival Season

10 Cell Phone Hacks You Need For Music Festival Season

It’s that time of the year when there are scores of music festivals taking place all over the country. With NH7 Weekender in Pune round the corner, (and EVC, Sunburn and Supersonic not too far behind) it’s important to keep your tech as prepared as your outfit and make-up game. Especially when it comes to crowded festivals where it’s difficult to locate your crew, taking care of your belongings or even remembering where you parked your car in an unfamiliar location.

These #HauteHacks below are simple, smart and just what you need when you’re on the go during festival season.

1. Put your phone on Airplane Mode while charging

Your phone charges a lot faster when it’s on Airplane Mode, and this one is tried and tested. My phone charges in less than half the time it usually takes for a full charge when I switch modes.

2. Hide essentials between the phone and its cover

You don’t need anything else at music festivals except money and your ID, so skip that wallet and slide those things between your phone and the phone cover. You can then move around easily without having to carry a bag and reduce the risk of things getting stolen or misplaced.

3. Slide your phone in a plastic bag

If you’re at a beach festival, you run the risk of dropping you phone in water or having sand get into it accidentally. Small plastic bags will protect your device from getting dirty, sweaty or muddy and the phone buttons will function well even through it.

4. Click a picture of a landmark near your car

It’s so easy to get lost in an unknown city, worse still is trying to figure out exactly where you parked your car in an unfamiliar area. Be smart and take a picture of an easily identifiable landmark near your car so you know how to get there.

5. Choose apps that you absolutely need on your phone

Apps use up a lot of data and battery power, so put off notifications and data usage for apps you don’t really need when you’re out. You can always update your social media once you’re back in your hotel room. This will help you save battery for emergencies.

6. Take screenshots of travel directions

If you’re unsure of the venue’s location and need help, take screenshots of the travel directions instead of using your internet. Using GPS is a HUGE battery drain, so work it sparingly.

7. Take screenshots of important festival information

Most music festival venues have horrible cell phone reception, so it’s super annoying trying to check line-up and other important information when you don’t have service. Your friends will be grateful that you’re the smart one in the bunch for having taken screenshots of everything you’ll need beforehand!

8. Use the volume button for clicking photos

It’s best to use the volume button to click photos when you’re only using one hand. The grip is much better and the angle of the camera changes when you hold the phone that way, giving you a fabulous photo which won’t be shaky.

9. Download ‘Find My Friends’ to locate your crew

Find My Friends is a little creepy, but it’s also extremely useful for locating your friends provided they have the app too. Move around the festival grounds with ease and locate your crew if you lose them using this. Download here for iOS or Android.

10. Change your phone’s display with contact info

In case of an emergency or if your phone is lost, a good Samaritan who finds it will know how to reach you if your locked screen has your name and contact information on it. Write down the info on a notepad app, take a screenshot and make it your background display.

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