Boomerang Lets You Make Harry Potter-Style Moving Photos!


Nobody can deny that moving photos are way cooler than still pictures. And no, I’m not talking about videos. GIFs are so much more fun, and so apt for day-to-day conversations with your besties, but it can be hard finding one that expresses how you’re feeling in a particular moment. And you can’t head off to search them on Tumblr every damn time, because the joke will be over long before you say “Hahahaha!”.

So when Instagram launched an app with its own version of GIF-like clips, my first reaction was, ”OH.EM.GEE! It’s like having my very own Harry Potter moving photo!” For those of you living under a rock, Boomerang is a cool new standalone video app by the good folks over at Instagram that lets you make real-life gifs on the go. What’s more, it’s super simple to use!

Boomerang basically captures a burst of 5 photos within a span of 1 second, then loops it together in a continuous video play. It works like a GIF but is way shorter, and you’ve got to admit that fast forward mode makes everything seem funnier! The app has only two buttons: one for recording and other one for choosing between selfie and normal mode.


Here’s me in action trying out Boomerang!

The best part about the app is that you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use it. Just download Boomerang and press the start button. I haven’t come across another app that makes it so easy to record, save and share moments! Boomerang automatically saves the file in your gallery and makes sharing extremely easy. The app works really fast and doesn’t hang or take time to load, unlike other apps I’ve used. It’s available for both iOS and Android, and makes for a hilarious Facebook Video Profile Picture as well. See mine below and tell me what you think!


Shachi Lavingia

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