The 5 Best Fashion Apps Of 2015

The 5 Best Fashion Apps Of 2015

2015 has been quite a fantastic year with all the apps that came out this year. While some didn’t quite catch our fancy, there were some we were totally hooked on to. When it comes to fashion apps, you need something that is multiple purpose and not just shows listicle after listicle of an assortment of products out there. Don’t we have Myntra and Jabong for that?

Out of the zillion fashion apps that released this year, these apps changed the way we looked at fashion and the way we shopped. While we’ve already reviewed Chic Sketch and Voodoo for you, you’ve got to check these out!




Style Kick

If you get a major part of your inspiration from looking at bloggers style their outfits and checking out street style, Style Kick is just what you need. This app lets you upload pictures of your outfit and once this app understands your style, it recommends different products which will be of your interest. You can browse through other profiles for inspiration and tap on the picture to save it. Style Kick is a fashion community that features fashion retailers and also has make-up experts sharing their talent with the community.  The best part is that you can directly shop the look of a particular clothing you really like on someone by simply tapping on the tags!

Download the app here: Android, iOS




Polyvore works pretty much like Style Kick does, but what you’re going to love is their trends tab. So Polyvore shows you ‘today’s trends where everything that’s trending on that particular day in listed down for you. It also shows you styles from different brands that will match your taste which you can then buy directly from the app itself. The more you browse through the app and ‘like’ stuff that others upload, the app gets a better idea of what you like.  Take inspiration from stylists on the app on how to mix and match your clothes to create different outfits and figure precisely what to wear every time you’re in a fashion dilemma.

Download the app here: AndroidiOS




Unlike everything you’ve experienced before in relation to fashion, FAD is a fashion dictionary in the form of an app that helps you with figuring what each fashion term means. With all kinds of new words coming out month after month, most of us are left confused initially before it catches on and everyone is using it. Get acquainted with the most common fashion lingos of today and use it to become a fashion know-how! Whether you’re working in the fashion industry or are simply a fashion enthusiast, FAD gives you a fashion cheat sheet wherever you are.

Download the app here: iOS




You know how amazing life has been after Google was introduced to the world! Imagine a Google like contact on instant messaging that helps you out with ALL your needs. That’s Haptik for you! It’s called a personal assistant for a reason! Haptik is probably the best thing that happened to me this year! With a zillion websites to shop from, you might not be able to look everywhere for just what you want. All you got to do is download this app and Haptik will get in touch with you via a message. You talk to Haptik like you Whatsapp any other friend and ask Haptik precisely what you want. Like a blue bag or a green scarf and Haptik will send you links of different brands and websites which meet your requirements. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Download the app here: Android, iOS




Meet Mallzee – The Tinder for shopping anything and everything your wardrobe requires. Mallzee has over a hundred fashion retailers to shop from like Zara, Aldo, Adidas, Armani and others. All you have to do is swipe left for products you don’t like and right for products you’d want to check out properly, just like you do on Tinder. You can buy the products you really like from this app itself! Need something specific? Just put in your requirements and the app will pull out products for you even when you’re not using the app. Love a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit your budget, but want to know when it’s on sale? Just swipe right and this app will notify you when the price on the product drops. Simple!

Download the app here: Android, iOS 

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