5 Apps You Absolutely Need As A College Student

5 Apps You Absolutely Need As A College Student

When you’re in college, it’s quite a task to handle almost everything — from assignments to monthly expenses and even setting aside time for a social life — and do justice to it all. People often complain that time management is near to impossible when you’re a collegiate, but thanks to technology there are a zillion apps at one’s disposal to help you with this situation. All you need to do is put these apps to use. Some of you might already be aware of apps like Groupon, and know exactly how to use coupons to your advantage. But, what’s important is to make the best use of such apps, and that can only be achieved when you’re aware of all its functions. To ensure that you get through your grad school with ease, I’ve listed down a few apps that will sort your life out in a jiffy.




I know you’re going to wonder what’s the big deal about Amazon given it’s been there for a while now. But the Amazon app is extremely helpful. From stationery to books and other necessities, this app’s got it all. If you’re living in a locality where you can’t find all your essentials, the Amazon app is quite useful. In fact, Amazon deals are an added advantage; you are always bound to find something you may need. No more last minute visits to the supermarket just days before the presentation.

Download it here: Android, iOS



WiFi Finder

This one’s especially for the creative lot, the one’s who can get their work done when in an inspiring ambience. WiFi Finder tracks down all the restaurants and cafés in your vicinity that have free or paid WiFi for use. This app has over 6,50,000 locations over 144 countries. So you can be rest assured to find something of your liking no matter where you’re headed to. Imagine travelling with your family but having an immediate college submission. Nothing better than sitting at a coffee shop and finishing that pending assignment as you enjoy a cup of your favourite latte, right? This sounds so much better than sitting in a library or facing a wall at home.

Download it here: Android, iOS




Mint.com released an app that allows you to manage all your cash from one place. While I suggest not to connect your bank accounts and details to any app on your smartphone, you can definitely use it to keep a check on your expenses. This helps you plan your life way better when it comes to finances. I know the deal: Come month-end and you’re trying to get your pocket money to last! It is the story of most of our lives, and this app is how we can change it. It shows you where you’ve spent the maximum part of your pocket money, so you have an idea of where you need to cut down. This app also gives you weekly expense summary so you’re aware of how you’ve spent each week. If this wasn’t enough, you’ve also got an option to chalk out a budget for yourself and stick to it via this app.

Download it here: Android, iOS




Meet MyFitnessPal — the app that’s perfect for keeping a tab on what you eat, how many calories you’re consuming, your protein intake among others. All this by simply creating a food log that you need to update at the end of each day, if not more often. All you need to do is type down everything you’ve eaten during your day (each and every meal including breakfast). Mention whether or not you’ve worked out that particular day by choosing from the options of what activity you’ve completed for the day — be it cycling, swimming, dancing or gymming. MyFitnessPal has a fancy interface, and is highly efficient. Another great feature it has: Even if you’ve had something from outside, all you need to do is select the restaurant name or the cuisine from the options given on the app, and it’ll break down the nutrition you’ve received from that particular food. Isn’t this the best way to keep a check on your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Download it here: Android, iOS




You can keep a track on your assignments, lectures and teachers with this super efficient app. iHomework, available on iOS for $1.99 or Rs 135 approximately, helps you complete your assignments on time with the help of its reminder feature. All you got to do is set an alarm before a deadline for each project, and this app lets you know when your submission is due. It keeps a track on all your subjects and courses, and once you feed in the data the app stores it all to provide you with easy access to the information, just in case you might need it.

Download it here: iOS

While iHomework isn’t available on Android, here’s a cool app that you can download on Android instead.

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