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7 Apps Hauterfly Editors Always Have On Their Phones!

May 10, 2016 | by Shachi Lavingia
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Besides writing several app reviews and fashion, beauty and lifestyle stories, most of us at Hauterfly spend our time reading fun books, catching up with friends, or curling up in bed and watching Friends reruns. Not to mention, updating our individual social media profiles. We’re pretty much addicted to our phones, just like most girls reading this post.

Keep scrolling to read about the 6 apps our #HauteSquad can’t live without:


Instagram App_Hauterfly

1. Shachi Lavingia → Instagram

Right from sharing my doodles to memories with friends and family, Instagram is one app I take to often to put myself out there. I love observing people and looking at things from their perspective. Plus all those gorgeous travel photos that people all over the world share on the platform is beyond fascinating. It’s the only app I open first thing every morning. From the easy interface to the gorgeous photos in your feed, Instagram is the perfect app for the photo addict. Besides the annoying ads that keep popping up every now and then, overall it’s one of my all-time favourite apps.

Download it here: Android, iOS


Boomerang App_Hauterfly

2. Simi Kuriakose → Boomerang

I’m one of those people who gets bored rather easily. While I’ve had my share of clicking picture after picture and sharing them on Instagram or Snapchat, I’m tired of the numerous filters on those apps (that dog face on Snapchat *rolls eyes*!). Then there was Dubsmash; everyone and their mother was doing it soon enough, and it became such an overload that I got tired of it too. What I did realise though, was that videos and pictures in motion are what I enjoy viewing more than static snaps. That brings me to my current fave app, Boomerang. That burst of images set in motion — SO MUCH FUN. I’m still not bored of it. In fact, even my 11-month-old niece loves it. I am addicted!

Download it here: Android, iOS


Pocket App_Hauterfly

3. Bushra Khan → Pocket

For the most part of my day, I’m on social media purely for the diverse reading material I come across. However, there are so many interesting links to read but so little time. And with my not-so-great memory, I have a hard time remembering to go back to an article I want to read in my downtime. Try as I might, I just can’t remember where I came across it. So I all but jumped with joy when Simi introduced to Pocket. This cool app allows me to save all my reading material in one place and go back to it whenever I want to. This amazeballs app is available for Windows, iOS, Android phones and even web browsers. You can save articles, videos, images, and pretty much anything in Pocket and read them later in your own time.

Download it here: Android, iOS


Ola Cabs App_Hauterfly

4. Caroline Paddayatty → Ola Cabs

I’ve been living alone in Bangalore for over a year now studying for my Masters degree, and it’s the first time I’ve stayed away from home. Travelling to and fro from college and hanging out with friends after is pretty much my daily routine when I’m there. While Bangalore is a fairly safe city when it comes to using public transport, there are days when I’d much rather take private transport. Like when it’s late in the evening, or when I’m out at night with friends over the weekend. Then, of course, there are days when it’s really hot and muggy and I’d like my makeup and hair to remain intact without the sweltering sun melting it all away. That’s when the Ola Cabs app comes to my rescue. It’s super convenient to use, plus who doesn’t love an air-conditioned cab?!

Download it here: Android, iOS


Headspace App_Hauterfly

5. Mansi Chouksey → Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that’s really been my saviour in this hectic city I call home. It’s amazing to me that technology has come so far that it even allows me to find my zen sitting at my desk instead of a peaceful, green garden. I love Headspace because after a long tiring day, all I want is some quiet time when I get back home. And this “gym membership for the mind” has a guided tutorial that teaches you how to meditate in a simple yet effective way. You can sign up for free for the basic program, and subsequently subscribe to a paid version for advanced techniques, if you like what you’ve experienced. Plus, there’s this sexy British voice taking you through it that’s instantly calming. I mean, do I need anything more?

Download it here: Android, iOS


Pinterest App_Hauterfly

6. Zahra Khan → Pinterest

I’m an insomniac. And addicted to social media. So you can see why I’m not a cheerful, morning person. (Also, Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal.) One of my most favourite things to do while I’m lying in bed every night is to scroll through the endless feed of inspiration my Pinterest app throws up. I don’t know any other app that brings my love for fashion, beauty, food, music, decor, books, tattoos, cats, jewellery, and Islamic architecture and calligraphy, together in one place. Seriously. I can spend hours looking for inspiration, ideas, or just generally FOMO-ing on Pinterest. It’s the last thing I do every night and more often than not, it sparks my imagination for all the things we should try out on Hauterfly. It’s my Google!

Download it here: Android, iOS


The Rock Clock App_Hauterfly

7. Farozan Dossani → The Rock Clock

The WWE obsessed ’90s kid in me couldn’t think of a better way to start my day than with my favourite wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson singing to me! I totally recommend The Rock Clock app to anyone who wants to kickstart their day with a whole lot of motivation fueled by The Rock’s cheesy posts. So go ahead, choose your goals, set an alarm time and get ready to rumble!

Download it here: Android, iOS

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