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Swara Bhaskar Calling A Kid A Ch***** Has The Internet All Irate. We Think It’s Being Blown Out Of Proportion.

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If you know me well enough, or have been reading a few of my articles, you’d know that kids and I, we do not sit well. Literally, figuratively and in any other way imaginable. We just don’t get along well and much for my own safety and the kid’s, I’d rather leave it that than trying to mend it. And while I am aware how saying this out loud puts me in a kind of a hated position, considering how they’re supposed to be all cute and all, I would respectfully maintain my distance from them to avoid any chaos. An idea that could’ve come handy if Veere Di Wedding actress Swara Bhaskar had paid attention. She’s being trolled for using swear words to talk about a 4-year-old

Now, before jumping down to conclusions- something that happens to be a national past time – we’d like to bring you up to speed about what really happened. While appearing as a guest on comedian Abish Mathews’s show ‘Son of Abish‘, Swara Bhaskar landed herself plum in the middle of controversy when she narrated an uncensored version of the time she shot a soap commercial with a 4-year-old kid. The kid called her ‘aunty’, and Swara candidly spoke about how at that moment she called him a ‘chu*iya‘ in her head. Further narrating the rest of the story and referring to him as a ‘kameenabaccha through out, Swara made her dislike for her circumstances during that time pretty evident.

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And while people like us, no not the ones from ‘I hate kids’ club, but the sensible ones, understand how her reaction was pretty natural, there were quite a few who thought of it as absolute aberration from all things nice and acceptable. From calling her drunk, to a hypocrite, netizens were far from forgiving. You’d think that such a reaction would be because they know the child involved. Nope, they don’t. While he may be related to a select few, we are pretty sure he isn’t chummy with the entire populace that has decided to get offended. And mind you, most of the tweets aren’t even about the child. They are about her political affiliations. Don’t get us wrong here, we are in no way insinuating that children be called names or hurled cuss words at, but think about it, isn’t using a curse word in situations you didn’t expect, a very natural instinct? And we get it, Swara too might have over-reacted while narrating the story and making the child look ‘evil’, but then so did Twitterati.

The fact that you have no relevance, connection or even a say in the matter, but are somehow motivated enough to call out an actress on her personal experience is proof of the fact that trollers will pick anything and everything to throw at your face when you’re a celebrity. Considering most people in India justify the use of some curse words as verbs in the sentences, it was rather hypocritical of them to take offence to something she said a comedy show, FFS. After all, let’s drop the saint act here, all of us too have been guilty of hurling abuses at people and situations that have gotten the better of us.

Nonetheless, no one is justified here, but yes, the need of the hour is to calm down and not blow it out of proportion. Especially since the time the episode has been aired, an NGO has also gone ahead and lodged a complaint against the actress for abusing a child. Seems like the only room for compassion is saved for people with more serious crimes to their name than this.

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