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Studies Reveal More Than 50% Women Have Gained Weight During The Lockdown. Looks Like All Those Fries Are Adding Up

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It is said that different people have different coping mechanisms in situations of stress and anxiety. I like to think mine is obsessing over a situation that I have no control over, fretting and hawing over it, till my eyelids absolutely give up and I am asleep. In this lockdown, I do pretty much the same things but I have added some junk food to accompany my junk views. Which is why, when we were hit with the pandemic, I knew it was only a matter of time until I would be sporting a muffin top while stuffing my face with muffins. And with me, almost 50% of the population and more, because boredom and access to grocery stores and jars of Nutella make for a great combination to pile on the kilos.

This time, my account actually has money and it is getting saved up, mainly because with no where else to spend other than grocery shops. And that means  that a majority of the population, especially women, have unintentionally gained weight during this lockdown. With our daily routines gone for a toss, dream goal weight looking as impossible as ever, and the concept of setting alarm or putting a lid on those home made cookies gone out of the window, it’s been a bit of a struggle. When I said summer body, this wasn’t the one I accounted for.

Studies have shown that almost 50% women have reported adding on pounds – the household chores, the mental labour – all of it takes a toll – leaving little or not time to exercise. Suddenly, all those nights cooking maggi, baking cakes and gulping down cheetos with wine seem like a very bad decision. And even though it’s a relief to know I am not alone in this or that this is a small price to pay in this current scenario, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how my jeans button coming undone scared the bejesus out of me.

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Studies reveal that while over 50 percent women have reported weight gain, only 22 percent men have. Seems like women are worst hit, even in this case. Call it the extra stress, anxiety, lack of time, what with all the cooking, cleaning and dusting taking up all the time – but it looks like we might have to take a long hard look at our double chin – and then go back to eating Oreos.

The worry is all too real now, especially since we’ve no idea when things  are going to go back to being normal, which is why it is now that we need to buckle up and bring in a healthy change. From setting ourselves into a proper routine, to eating more of leafy greens than the old mac and cheese, it is probably time to get back in shape. After all, if we are to step out as different people after this lockdown, let it be that we are more compassionate and not just sporting extra fat overall.

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