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I Am A Stranger Things Fan But I Couldn’t Watch Past The Second Episode Of Season 3

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So Stranger Things season 3 is here. Yayyyy! Yeah, that was my reaction too and I thought I was absolutely sorted for the weekend. For once, I will do something productive. Hey! Watching Netflix for someone who sleeps throughout the weekend is productive, okay?

Now, I am sure when Stranger Things Season 1 came out every horror/thriller fanatic like me would have watched the show and most of us were hooked. So we were eagerly waiting for Season 2, which also didn’t disappoint. But – yeah a BUT makes an appearance –  Season 3 has been disappointing so far. There are spoilers ahead, read at your own risk (yeah, we nice!)

Look, you can’t credit me with having any sort of self control. I couldn’t wait till the weekend and ended up watching the first two episodes. I am someone who –  no matter how sleepy I am –  will make sure that I watch all the episodes of the show even if it’s a weekday.

But, with this season, I couldn’t get past the 2nd episode for so many reasons. I was actually sleepy which is just shocking.

I reach home from work, all excited to execute my final decision, which is to start watching Stranger Things 3. It starts with a recap of season 2 and I didn’t realise it was a recap till I reached the very end of it. Erm…

The series starts with a lab and two scientists walking in this cabin made out of glass and in front of them is a huge machine that’s emitting electricity (?), I must admit, I was confused. But immediately figured that they are summoning the Demogorgon from the hole (because I am smart like that!) The men try to summon the Demogorgon but eventually fail and this bald man aka comrade-general is very upset and asks his minion to choke him to death and gives the other guy a year to fix the damn machine. Now there’s just too much confusion. HOW THE F*** DID DEMOGORGON SHIFT TO RUSSIA? HOW?

This is the first 5 mins before the theme (LOVE IT) song plays. Fast forward to one year later and I see the two teens, Mike and Eleven making out. My love life is drier than the Sahara desert and I cry into a pillow as these two get hot and heavy.

To wrap up the first episode – Dustin is back from his summer camp (?) and apparently has a girlfriend called Suzie. There is a mall open in the town that’s called StarCourt that’s causing everyone’s businesses to shut down. There could be a potential love affair between Hopper and Joyce (Will’s mom). You with me till here? Will, on the other hand, the victim of Demogorgon is given zero attention, it’s almost like he doesn’t exist. Steve has a job at the ice cream parlour, Billy is a life guard that attracts the attention of Mike’s mom – Karen, Billy may or may not have been possessed by the Demogorgon while he was on his way to get some with Karen, who by the way ditches Billy ‘cause she saw her husband and daughter all cuddled up (?). Nancy is a struggling reporter who is looked down on by her male superiors, Jonathan does what she says, Hopper doesn’t like Mike ‘cause he is a bad influence on Eleven, Will is having flashbacks from the past, but nobody seems to care, Dustin tries to contact his girlfriend and must have accidentally overheard the conversations of the Russians.

In Episode 2,  Mike and Eleven have now broken up because Hopper threatened Mike. Mike lies to Eleven about his Nana and she sorta kinda figures that out until she pays a visit to Max (Billy’s sister) who is dating Lucas, and who she has gone back to multiple times even after he fucks up. Kabir Singh much?

The only thing I like about episode two is Eleven and Max’s friendship, who hang out in the mall together and SHOP. Where did the money come from? Mike, on the other hand, has $3.50 in his pocket and is trying to find a perfect gift to make it up to Eleven who “dumps his ass” at the mall.

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Nancy, at the end of episode one, gets a call about “diseased rats” and next day pays a visit along with her beau to the nice old lady who called and starts to investigate the matter. On the other hand, Hopper pays Joyce a visit at her medical store to celebrate Mike and Eleven’s time apart. While at it, he asks her out to dinner and says “It’s not a date”. Joyce agrees to meet him but doesn’t show up. Why? ‘Cause she paid a visit to her friend to figure out why her magnets were not staying put. Steve and Dustin reunite! Yayyyy! Dustin talks to Steve about how he has accidentally connected to the Russians who he thinks are spies. LOL.

They try to figure out what the spies are saying using just a dictionary. How convenient. To top it all, the girl Steve is working with knows 4 languages and just like that, they figure it out. How freaking easy was that? Billy can’t understand his surroundings. Karen goes up to him to apologise for not showing up, but little did she know that he wouldn’t have made it either, ‘cause Demogorgon is such a co**blocker! Uff.

I personally think that they should have finished this at Season 2 and shouldn’t have given us the disappointment that is Season 3.

The episode ends with Steve figuring out that Dustin’s call was not connected to Russia but to the mall. Honestly, I am only two episodes in and I already am not feeling it. Hope the other 6 episodes don’t disappoint. Stay tuned for more updates about it.


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