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Shamita Shetty Admits To Being Fed Up Of Being Single, But Won’t Date Out Of Loneliness, She Says

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It’s late in the night, you’re comfortably sitting in your bed and thinking about the long day you’ve had. Your fridge is stocked, you’re doing perfectly well at work, your friends and family adore you and everything is just about right in your life. But yet, you feel like there is something missing. Someone, to be more precise. It’s been a while since you’ve been with someone and the lack of intimacy come hurtling at you in the wee hours of the night. This is the time when one might feel compelled to make use of online dating sites or date just about any Tom, Dick or Harry, but not actress Shamita Shetty. For she might have admitted to feeling lonely, but she won’t be succumbing to a relationship out of loneliness.

In a recent interview with The Times Of India, the Mohabbatein actress had a very open and candid discussion about her personal life, touching down upon her dating life as well. While talking about her being single right now, Shamita shared, “I think my family is so fed up of seeing me single. They truly just want to see me happy with someone soon. And quite honestly, I’m fed up of being single too.”

A feeling that was relatable to almost every girl out there, Shamita’s singlehood woes hit us right in the spot. However, it was what she said next that we needed to hear the most.

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She went on to say, “When it comes to your partner, you have to choose the right person, knowing you can live with them for the rest of your life, learn from each other and grow in every way… spiritually, intellectually etc. I’m not someone who will make a decision in haste and let loneliness decide the wrong partner for me.”

Many a times it so happens that we find ourselves yearning for the idea of love, more than the person in front of us, and such kind of relationships that are based on loneliness and desperation, never really last. While it is natural to miss companionship, it is wise to wait until you actually fall in love with someone, rather than forcing yourself. And for that, Shamita’s advice might come in  handy!

Meanwhile when asked what kind of a guy she would want to date, she said, “I look for kindness, honestly, integrity, intelligence, humour and good values and of course, a fun, loving guy! And yes, I believe he exists!” As do we!

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