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Sanya Malhotra’s Mother Pestering Her To Do An Online Course During This Lockdown Is Every Indian Parent Ever!

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When you’re born into an Indian family, one of the things that you get used to, besides being at the receiving end of the famous ‘my house, my rules’ philosophy, is also constantly receiving career and life advices by over enthusiastic parents who never really quit. Be it pushing us into a certain stream after 10th standard, convincing us to take up a specific course in college, or even forcing us to pursue higher studies, Indian parents can be quite stubborn and consistent when it comes to this, and we might not be the only ones who have to go through this.

Turns out, the Dangal actress Sanya Malhotra too has a set of parents that are pretty much like our own parents, as recently confirmed by the actress. During an interview, Sanya Malhotra revealed how her mother is still pretty adamant on having her daughter complete her post graduation by trying to talk her into doing her Masters.

She said, “My father was very chill with it, my mother took some time. Only, recently, I was telling someone that my mother has a takya kalam (catchphrase), where she keep referring to the film, Ta Ra Rum Pum. In the movie, Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji hadn’t studied much and then their career hits a roadblock. So, she always used to tell me to do my masters and then move to Mumbai and do whatever I want. But after graduation, I told myself that I’ve studied enough, now I really want to things that really make me happy.”

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And as someone who too considered going after what she loved, right after graduation, I couldn’t relate more to her now more than ever. Sanya further continued saying, “My mother used to call me everyday after moving to Mumbai and would tell me to take up this course or join some distance learning course and to please do my Masters, but, yeah…I didn’t do it. And those suggestions haven’t stopped till now. Even under quarantine, she told me to join an online class and complete my studies. Regardless of what happens, whatever you become, what you may do, your parents won’t stop suggesting things to you.”

Almost every parent is thinking about making their children take up something productive in this quarantine, and we get why Sanya’s mother would say that. But while we understand where her mother is coming from, we also understand and therefore respect Sanya’s decision and the fact that it is her choice. Parents by nature become the preachers of our life, and even though it is their life advice and lessons that shape us while growing up, sometimes it is best to let things take their own course.


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