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Panga’s Trailer Launch Strategy Is Kangana Ranaut Issuing Tickets At A Railway Station. Here’s Why This Is A Stupid Idea

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Let me start by saying that today is a better Monday than other Mondays. First of all, it’s December and there’s a general air of optimism all around – so there’s that. And secondly because we get a mid-week holiday on the 25th! Yay. See, good Monday. And then of course, I was just going through the news and this bit about Kangana promoting her the trailer of her latest movie came out.

Kangana Ranaut is playing the lead role in a movie called Panga in which she plays a railway officer. And in a bid to outdo the other promotions, she’s going to be at a busy train station in Mumbai issuing tickets. Look, we get that you want people to watch your movie’s trailer, we get that this is possibly a unique way to do it but in all honesty, you  risk ending up in a Kalyan local that you didn’t want to board, with no idea how to get out. Every regular person in Mumbai knows that that’s a thing.

There are many reasons that this is a bad idea but mainly, we need to get enthusiastic PR teams who think they have struck gold with these ideas to be a little more realistic. Why are you subjecting Kangana to this? And more importantly, when people are going about their work, harrowed and hurried at CST station, they don’t have time for Kangana who with no prior experience, to issue tickets.

We totally get it. You want your PR strategy for your movie to be more than just making appearances. That’s cool. But maybe you’re taking the creativity too far when you put a star and her entire entourage at the busy, busy station that is CST and bring things to a halt.

We imagine it will be a scene of chaos. A few security men might be butted on the head by dabbawallahs who are known for their clockwork precision. Kangana might not know where the ladies dabba is. Or who was in front of the line while issuing the tickets. Will she know which side Ghatkopar station will come on? Or whether the train will stop at Byculla. Does she know what a superfast train is? Probably not.

Again, we get the thrill of coming up with a strategy that no one else has thought of but perhaps no one else wants to do it because they didn’t want their female lead looking confused somewhere at Dahanu Road or something. We also get that the stars think that world revolves around them, but honestly, if you know anything, then you know that the trains are called the lifeline of Mumbai and for good reason.

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