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Old Couple Visiting Their Newborn Grandchild, With Their Dog, Through A Glass Door Is So Wholesome

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In the last few months, social media has been our only hope and saviour. From makeup tutorials to watching people tear each other down and having catfights on petty topics, without Instagram and Twitter, 2020 would be unbearable. However, on the days that we get lucky, we come across something on social media that really brings a huge smile to our otherwise sullen faces. Like these pictures of an old couple visiting their grandchild in the hospital through a glass door, because COVID. The best part? They brought their dog along to visit the baby as well! These pictures really brightened up my day. 

Twitter user Brianna Hayes, from Kentucky, shared two pictures of the old couple, who are her grandparents, visiting her cousin’s newborn baby at the hospital through a glass door. Of course, this was only done as a COVID precaution. However, it was Brianna’s second picture that melted everyone’s hearts. The grandparents brought their adorable pug, OZ, to meet the baby as well. Not only that, her grandfather held OZ up to the glass door to see the grandchild. This is the most adorable thing I have seen all week!

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These photos of the old couple have gone viral on social media and garnered a lot of love from netizens. A lot of them can’t decide who looks happier, the grandfather or the doggo. It’s just so cute. After the photos went viral, Brianna took to Twitter to confirm a few details. She said that this day was extremely special since the grandchild was born on the same day as her great-grandfather. She wrote online, “The baby is named after my great-grandpa and my grandpa who is holding Oz so it makes it vvv special.” 

These pictures are so wholesome. Doing the rounds of social media, they have left us teary-eyed and with an urge to go and snuggle with our grandparents. Not to mention that the doggo and his expression while seeing the baby is just absolutely precious.

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