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#MyQuarantineInSixWords Trends As People Share Their Hilarious And Relatable Experiences Of Being Stuck At Home

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It all started in Wuhan, the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Busy streets became ghost towns as people China quarantined themselves in order to fight the pandemic. Today, most countries have streets emptier than ever and in no time. People around the world are under house arrest, being forced to slow down. Honestly, it’s been really good for the environment. The fishes in the canals of Vienna are now visible and swans have returned. Pollution has reduced and the air quality has significantly improved in China.

Meanwhile, it’s apparently not so bad for us either. We are re-learning how to spend time with family. We are working from the comfort of our beds. There’s no need to dress up, put makeup on or look presentable, except when you have to click a picture for your #quarantine Instagram post! We are left with no choice but to find entertainment at home itself. So here we are getting back to reading and finishing that book we’ve been on since a few weeks now! We are binge-watching Netflix. We are finding ways to stay connected with our people. It’s like all of us are in cute long-distance relationships right now.

I know this quarantine business is for the greater good and all that. But hey, we are not used to this. I am not used to it. I have been going out at least once a day every day since I don’t know how long. This is so new to me – being home all day. But it feels good to know that people all over the world are united in feeling this way. Recently, US talk show host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to describe their quarantine in six words. Since then, #MyQuarantineInSixWords has been trending on Twitter as people are sharing their own experience.

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The best part is everyone is taking it with a pinch of salt, except introverts. Those people are love it! They are really confused why world is overreacting because they’ve been living in isolation since forever!

Here are some really cool six-word quarantine stories!

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