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My First Post-Covid Salon Experience Had Me Anxious But I Am Glad I Went Out And Got Pampered

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Up until a few weeks ago, the extent of my movements was strictly limited to the confines of my room and I won’t lie, the 7 step walk to my washroom from my bed, had gotten all too boring. Which is why, as Delhi started to descend into an un-lockdown, and I was offered a chance to step out of my exile and experience a day of pampering at the new Tweak Salon, for a refreshing session, I jumped at the offer.

I won’t lie, the anxiety and the inhibitions in going to a salon after so many months the wave of corona not fully gone, was at peak. But it was only up until I stepped in their premises, at the DLF Avenue Mall, Saket, that I heaved a sigh of relief.

Tweak Salon was prepared to tackle all the possibilities and was equipped with all the safety precautions. From taking my temperature at the entry, to sanitizing my hands, their service took note of all the health and sanitary precautions.


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And from there, it was an entire day worth of pampering and overindulgences awaited me. After a quick round of their salon, which was all things pink, pretty and perfect, my day started with a much needed ‘Premium Manicure and Pedicure’. With two dedicated professionals working on my hands and feet respectively, using kits that were personal to my use, handled with utmost care and all safety precautions in place, I was then transported to an hour long ride to heaven.

Dipping my tired hands and feet in the warm water, getting them thoroughly massaged and pampered with hands and feet packs made out of rubber and all things original, I was utterly refreshed with the service. All this while, being catered with some delicious cookies and hot chocolate, to enhance my experience.

Once my precious mani and pedi was done with, I was then took for a warm hair wash, along with a carefully curated hair strengthening and nourishment treatment by one of their experts, Saloni Arora. Spraying my hair with rich nutritious products that would try to take care of my breakage, along with catering to strengthening my roots, I was given a luxurious head massage and hair nourishment treatment, that actually did leave my hair smooth.

Considering this was my first trip to salon in what felt like a million years, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for a creative haircut, and creative it was. Taking care of my split ends, and trimming the length, to then shortening my hair to a flattering shoulder-length cut, it was almost as if I walked out looking and feeling a different person.

From the services, to the staff, to the sanitisation and most of all, the vibe – everything was as alluring as it could be to a millennial! From the interior tempting you to take a flattering selfie, to the mid-service treats adding up to your pampering and self-care sessions, I was taken good care of! And so were my hair, hands and feet and importantly – hygiene! Time to #TweakYourLook too, don’t you think?

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