6 Uncommon Symptoms Of Anxiety That You Didn’t Know About

6 Uncommon Symptoms Of Anxiety That You Didn’t Know About

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when we talk about mental health? It’s probably one out of these three — stress, depression or anxiety. While stress and depression are more talked about mental health problems, anxiety is something that much more common. Sadly, many of us have to deal with some very real and physical symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis. We usually associate anxiety with symptoms like anxiousness, mild sweating, worrying, rapid breathing, and nervousness. But apart from these, there are some lesser-known and uncommon symptoms of it that can hamper our lives. And most people don’t even recognize these symptoms and remain blissfully unaware of their struggle with mental health. So, in order to help you understand your mental health, we’ve listed some uncommon symptoms of anxiety. Take a look.

1. Over-Spending

Yes, anxiety can lead to overspending or emotional spending. Spending money can become a coping method for people with anxiety and it can give them an emotional ‘high’ just like drugs or alcohol.

2. Hoarding

Hoarding as a symptom comes from a ‘scarcity mentality’. Also keeping in mind that feelings of familiarity are why you are unable to part with all the things that you’ve been hoarding. It can cause you to hold onto things and prevent you from throwing them away.

3. Impulsive Behaviour

Impulsivity is yet another symptom of anxiety. Scattered thoughts, irritability and worrying can prevent you from thinking straight which in turn can lead to impulsive behaviour.

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4. Disorganization

Your surroundings are a reflection of your mind. If your mind and thoughts are scattered, there’s a high possibility that your surroundings are also disorganised.

5. Excessive Yawning

Anxiety takes a toll on our heart, respiratory system as well as energy. This can cause fatigue and trigger yawning.

6. Digestion Problem

Constipation is a common physical symptom when it comes to mental health since problems can trigger stomach aches, nausea, diarrhoea and make weird sensations in the stomach.

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