Her Politics Aside, Mahua Moitra Is The Kind Of Spirited Speaker India Needs To See


If you’ve not heard of Mahua Moitra, you probably will pretty soon. She delivered a fiery speech in the Lok Sabha yesterday, shutting down hecklers and putting her points across with the kind of fluidity and power that we rarely see. She’s an investment banker turned politician, who joined the Indian National Congress in 2009, but later quit the party to join All India Trinamool Congress. We are going to refrain from commenting on her politics, but to see a woman deliver a speech with this amount of passion has us applauding.


At this point, there have been plenty of articles already written about her and her speech. Each one starts with how they weren’t expecting much from it. The narrative quickly changed when the video of the speech came out – phrases like  ‘one of the best, most spirited speeches in recent history’ etc. have been thrown around. The content was powerful, struck a chord with many, and as characteristic of government meetings, was met with a lot of heckling even as she delivered her speech.

This is a woman who isn’t going to be shouted down or let her voice drown in the cacophony of dissent. She’s here to be heard and boy, she was heard. She’s the kind of leader we want to see. One that we can see making an impact.

A little about Mahua Moitra. The politician grew up in Assam and Kolkata. She went to school in Kolkata, moving to the US  for higher education when she was 16. She then worked as an investment banker for JP Morgan in New York and London. But get this, she actually moved back to India to get into politics. That’s some serious #careergoals.

In her speech, Mahua took apart the government’s policies and decisions, point by point, being articulate, loud and unperturbed by the constant remarks. She held her own and that’s why we love what she did. Several times, she asked the speaker to bring the house to order before continuing.

She even ended her speech on a war cry that should become way more popular by saying, “I have the right to disagree.”

This was her maiden speech and we can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table.

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