This Kalki Koechlin Video Is The Most Important Thing You’ll See Today

When carelessly flipping through the pages of newspapers right before slipping into our daily routines, we hardly ever pay attention to how the consumption of news has changed over time. From the way sensationalised articles and juicy headlines are served to us — including brutal imagery and news reports on crimes against women — it now just seems nothing more than mere ink splashes on paper. But in reality, this culture has only desensitised us and is even numbing our generation to these serious issues.

And that’s what Kalki Koechlin’s self-composed piece The Printing Machine is all about. This video is part of a series titled #Unblushed, for the YouTube channel Blush, that has earlier featured Nimrat Kaur and Sayani Gupta. Through her performance, Kalki narrates how women are portrayed and objectified, and how we as a generation are at the mercy of printing machines. She rightly puts forward that newsmakers are not just robotic in their ways of delivering news but we as readers are as mechanical in how we perceive it. The beauty of this video lies in how impassioned yet calm the actress is during her visual rendition; Kalki veers away from excessive dramatisation or giving way to angst through her performance.

We’re glad that someone’s broached this topic, one that we fail to realise is prevalent. At least this video will get people thinking, conversing and in turn discussing.

For those of you who haven’t watched this powerful video yet, take a look at it below:


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