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In Mumbai, Woman Stabbed By Ex Boyfriend For Breaking Up With Him

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Tum meri nahi ho, toh kisi ki nahi ho sakti‘ (If you’re not mine, you cannot be anybody else’s), infamous words that have come out of every toxic guy’s mouth, in reality and in cinema alike. Except, thanks to Bollywood’s habit of glorifying such lovers that men like these are let off the hook as being a tad too possessive. But when you encounter these kind of men in real life, the consequences are far from just words being spewed around. As we witnessed in a recent case where  a 22-year-old woman was stabbed by her former boyfriend after she refused to continue her relationship with him.

Yet another case of handling rejection poorly, a man identified as Arjun Singh (26) stabbed his former girlfriend on a busy road in Mumbai in broad daylight. Because apparently, a woman’s safety is that expendable in this country where anyone can walk up to women, stab them and run away. And the worst part? No one jumped in to help or stop the assault.

The tragic incident took place just 100 metres from the woman’s house in Saki Naka neighbourhood of Mumbai’s Andheri East area on Saturday at around 6:30 pm. The victim works at a packaging unit and was on her way back to her place after her long day when she was confronted by the jilted lover, who was still struggling to accept that the woman had decided to leave him. And so, he stabbed her.

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The accused, Arjun Singh grabbed her by the arm and tried to force her to come along with him. The woman, as she tried to resist being pulled against her will, was then stabbed in the abdomen by the man while the passersby just stood there and looked her stagger and bleed. The victim, dragged herself to her house, then told her father, an autorickshaw driver, about the attack.

The father took his daughter to the hospital. The next morning the accused himself went to the police station and turned himself him. A police officer who is investigating the matter shared that, “They (the victim and the accused) were in a relationship four years ago and she even moved in with him… They lived together for more than a year. But as Singh was addicted to liquor and drugs and could not keep a permanent job, she walked out on him and moved back with her parents.”

After the victim decided to part ways and also cut all ties with him, the accused felt instigated to take extreme measures to reinstate his hurt and fragile male ego. “Singh told her that if she couldn’t be with him, he wouldn’t let her have a relationship with anyone else,” told a police officer. The police has registered a case of attempt to murder, molestation and stalking against Singh under the Indian Penal Code.

Yet again the price for a man’s entitlement and screwed up conditioning where he is made to believe that he can do whatever he wants, a woman’s willingness be damned, was paid by an innocent woman who is recovering in a hospital right now. And the fact that the society only considers it appropriate to pry and intervene in matters where they have to gossip or talk down about someone, but not when they see a woman being attacked in the middle of the road, is pretty telling of just how compassionate the people are when it comes to standing up for women.

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