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In China, Couples Are Rushing To Get Married Post Lockdown Causing Their Application System To Crash. Maybe This Will Make Everyone Commit

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When it comes to quarantining together, there are two types of couples: those who are grateful for each other and those who can seek a divorce at any moment. You’re both bonding and having fun or you’re driving each other nuts or maybe both. I’d say the former category is really lucky!

Me? I belong to none of these categories because I am single. This period, however, reminds me of the time years ago I had signed up for 10 days of Vipassana. We weren’t allowed to speak and we were supposed to maintain a limited diet of homemade food. Each day, we meditated and participated in cleaning tasks. Well, my quarantine looks pretty much like that because I am cleaning and cleaning pretty much in silence. My parents are quiet people and at this point, I really wish I had a husband I could argue with over a game of Ludo. My cats, however, have been really interesting conversationalists.

But this lockdown has made me really miss having a partner and I can tell it’s not just me considering how people are reaching out to their exes in their weakest moments. Honestly speaking, if I were dating someone right now and the guy I like wasn’t so afraid of commitment, I would probably sneak out of my home and move in with him even if it means I have to dress like a tree for it. Okay, I wouldn’t do that but I would have done it the first thing after this lockdown gets lifted.

Unfortunately, I have no scope of doing that but several couples in China are rushing to get married now that the lockdown there has been lifted. Weibo, China’s microblogging portal similar to Twitter reports that their local marriage application system has seen a 300 % hike in traffic causing their website to crash! Marriage applications were restricted in Wuhan during their 76-day lockdown.

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Wow, what made so many couples realise they should get married right away? Is it possible that commitment-phobes realised that their fear doesn’t compare with the amazing security and love they feel with their romantic interest? Well, I really hope it’s that because this millennial dating system really needs a detox.

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