Want To Be Insta Famous? Use These Colours In Your Pics!

To be an Instagram blogger/celebrity, is the hottest new career goal, one that our parents just won’t understand. Honestly, even I don’t get it, but it pays well, and millennials are definitely all over it. But whether or not you want to be an Instagram celebrity, you can’t deny refreshing your feed a dozen times after posting a pic, just to see how many double taps it has gained. And one sure-shot way to increase that number is by concentrating on your colour palette.

Here are a few tips to make colours work for you on Instagram.



Feeling blue

Research has shown that people are more likely to ‘like’ a post if it has blue tones in it. Cooler shades seem to please the human eye. Pics with hints of warm undertones get extra brownie points! So, the natural scenery images of mighty mountains, bluish skies, and flowing rivers will always have a upper hand.



Colour me pink

Another colour that is a favourite is the colour pink. Pastels and pink hues calm people down, giving them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. They are more likely to double tap on pics with these shades. But when you combine the blue with the pink, you hit jackpot, gaining yourself tons of Instagram followers.



Less is more

Another tip: Pictures with one major standout colour tend to attract more attention than those that look like a rainbow.

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Keep a clean feed with a palette that’s unique to your style, and brand. Don’t clutter it with a mix of colours as separately the post may look great but the feed on the whole will look like a mess.

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