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Your Horoscope This Week

October 31, 2016 | by Karishma Rajani

HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!




When the world is your oyster, what’s stopping you from grabbing every damn opportunity? What is making you feel like you lack control over your own circumstances? Is it the ebb and flow of your emotions and how they’re bringing about a sense of inner turmoil? Work on empowering yourself — one unhealthy belief at a time. Learn the art of expressing yourself fully. And that means if somebody is being a complete asshole, don’t shy away from telling them how it’s making you feel.




This week you’re being called in to hone your skills — and believe you me, you have plenty to boast of! What differentiates you from the crop is that you not only have bright, brilliant ideas, but also practical solutions to make it all happen. So make it happen, darling! This week is about taking more responsibility, and working and outshining everybody with what you do. Your domestic goddess is coming to the fore too — and every inch of the house is emanating the magic you do.




Here’s the thing, honey! It ain’t gonna be easy. There are many a challenge coming your way that threaten to throw you off course and ponder upon why you decided to walk this path in the first place. Now that’s a good question to think about. Once you’re clear about what you’ve set out to achieve, you’ll find within yourself invincible courage to move forward. And learn to the art of being rock solid along the way.




If there’s something you’ve learned along the way, it is that absolutely nothing can be done half-assed — not a cocktail, not a cookie, and certainly not your career. See where this has got you now! This week is about detaching yourself a little and reassessing your goals as you look at the skills and abundance you have harnessed. The road ahead is unseen. But that’s the magic of it. Use what you’ve learned, but be willing to throw it all out when you hear the voice of your gut.




O ye, lioness! Time to cast your worries aside. Have you put in all the hard work you needed to? I know, I know. Things have been rather slow. Despite your best efforts you were unable to make things progressive in the way you wanted. With fate smiling down at you, you will notice how things take a sudden turn. The stuck becomes unstuck, and the good becomes better. Open the gateways of all that love and abundance that’s knocking at your door.




The ebb and flow of life — you may or may not have mastered it, but you know full well that that your emotions have no place inside the boardroom. You’re a sharp, clear thinking risk taker, and that’s what’s making you the leader that you were always meant to be. Assertiveness is another quality of a risk taker. In the face of both bullshit and adversities, take a stance that is best for you and the company. Larger picture, baby! You’ll emerge stronger than when you first started, and be respected manifold.




When in doubt, always ask yourself what Anna Wintour would do. That’s right, baby! Don’t get lost in the minute details when they’re a larger picture to focus on. The more you zoom out, the more you will realise the magical ways in which your life is functioning. The word you’re looking for is synchronicity. A karmic cycle completes itself, bringing with itself the feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. Let the knowledge that everything eventually figures itself out stay with you in every situation that threatens to shake the ground beneath your feet.




Challenge yourself to look beyond, Scorpio. Oh, this world full of infinite opportunities. The scope of growth is unlimited. This will be clear to you as you open your eyes and really begin to see. Look at this both in the realm of work and self-growth. You’ll discover a whole new you as you jump out of your comfort zone fearlessly. Welcome the opportunity of travel, if it comes to you. It will only aid you on your journey.




Your superpower this week: what you make of your resources. Believe you me, you have more than you are aware of! Make a list, count them one by one, and come up with a practical plan on how you can use these to your advantage. Being grounded is another quality you have — one that makes you somebody reliable. If you’re working as a part of a larger structure, hold the space for the growth of the organisation and your coworkers by being the one that can be counted on all at times.




Some may call you cold and conniving, but you know the ground on which you stand. When you say business, you mean business, and an important aspect of that is learning to keep your emotions aside. So do what you have to for your growth, and the growth of the mission and vision that you’re a part of. Let your intelligence guide you. Take decisions from a place of clarity.




This week is about the fire of passion and where it takes you. It’s about chasing the dream. Befriend courage and invincibility. They will take you further on this journey. But when it comes to big decisions, step back a little and make a choice from a place of clarity. The ripples of passion are sure to make their presence felt in the realm of romance too. Get ready to experiment with all your bedroom fantasies.




This week, you may find yourself in the midst of conflict within and without. Recognise where this conflict is stemming from and what you can do to resolve it. Thing logically and clearly what serves the higher good. Let this be your mantra, especially if you’re in a position of authority. You have the power to restore balance, so operate wisely.


Karishma Rajani is a Delhi-based writer and tarot expert. Follow her on Instagram for more stylish astral insights. You can also get in touch with her for personalised readings.

Karishma Rajani

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