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Your Horoscope This Week

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This week is straight up going to be as challenging as they come, Aries. Not only do you need to balance work commitments with personal ones, there is just a general abundance of responsibilities on your shoulders. Just take comfort that these are things you are capable of handling – and hold on to your motto of the week ‘everything can be figured out’. The key to surviving this week is to move forward, don’t be weighed down by the physical and emotional burden. Focus on making it through to the next day.

Tip: Everything can be figured out.



This week for Taurus finds you in the position of Atlas, feeling like you’re holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. In traditional imagery it’s always important to note that this burden is always a result of caring, you’re only under stress because you are committed to your work and relationships. To see you through this period of heaviness reach into your spiritual self, whether it is meditation or lighting incense, find time to tune in to your intuition.

Tip: Reach out to your spiritual self.



Chance connections are often misinterpreted as coincidences but sometimes there are deeper reasons for someone to come into your life and this week it’s going to hit you like lightning. This holds equal chances of occuring at the workplace or a serendipitous romantic spark at a bar, you’re likely to find a partner that not only challenges and pushes you to be the best version of yourself but also grows with you. In the face of adversity this is your best ally!

Tip: Watch out for that serendipitous romantic spark at a bar.



This week brings good tidings for Cancer, particularly as fruitful new opportunities find their way to you on the professional front. Forget meeting a tall dark stranger, you’re meeting a big fat pay cheque from the universe that cashes in for that inimitable feeling of getting everything you wanted. Long story short: things are working in your favour, keep your eyes open!

Tip: Big, fat paycheck from the Universe.



This is a time of retrospection, Leo. The upcoming week may seem difficult particularly in the face of the past and an opening of old pains and heartbreaks but this is an opportunity for growth and understanding. You are on familiar grounds. The reason for this throwback is for you to acknowledge all that must be left in the past, all patterns and ways of thinking that need to be put to rest. Give up on the thoughts and actions that are not serving you, as cliched as it may sound this is a time of giving your life a full blown makeover.

Tip: Your pain is an opportunity for growth and understanding.



This week presents an opportunity Virgo, one that is in alignment for your vision of the future and where you want to be. Not only is this new avenue something that satisfies your soul and creative side but it is also one that is ultimately fruitful and thereby worth investing in. What you put in now will find its way back to you in multiples. This is also a good time to work on your communication skills, how do you express yourself matters a lot.

Tip: Attract opportunities that are in alignment for your vision of the future.



The scales seem to be off balance this week Libra as you find yourself in the center of a room facing all the projects you’ve chosen to invest your time and energy in. What each project requires is a unique mindset and to try and do it all with the same approach is what is creating this brain fog. What results from this situation of Jack of All Trades – Master of None, is that you lose more than you bargained for gaining. As always, sit with a planner and prioritize.

Tip: sit with a planner and prioritse.



This week brings an overture of big romantic gestures for Scorpio. Those happily partnered find themselves living the ultimate in #couplegoals, a time of being one with the family and being super Brady Bunch. On the other hand, if you’re living the single life, expect big changes on that front as your one true love might be just around the corner. Either way, expect grand gestures (tangible or otherwise) and showers of affection.

Tip: This is a week if big romantic gestures.



Things fall apart sometimes Sagittarius, well this week they definitely would but the thing is there are lessons to be learnt here. What could you have done differently/better? Is it the end of the world? No, it is not. When one door closes a warehouse opens, and you have a boatload of creative opportunities heading your way so it may be time to flex your soul and mental prowess because you are primed to produce your best work yet. The only catch: don’t get caught up in what has already ended and gone.

Tip: When one door closes a warehouse opens.



Well well well this is a week of big wins for Capricorn, one of success and recognition and as much as you may want to appear humble and modest, a thunderous applause. Of course this isnt to take away from the hard work and time you have invested into your work. But the reminder is ever present that while you’re basically winning at lfie and unstoppable it doesn’t give you the license to trod over others on your white horse. Stick to people who keep you humble, stay grounded and true to your natural winsome self. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Tip: Stay grounded despite your success.



The time has come Aquarius to put on your adult pants and be done with the complacency that seems to be steering you off course. On the work front you need to stand up and ask for what you are duly owed – this has less to do with monetary terms but to do with your skill set, are you just comfortable in your job because it keeps your lifestyle afloat? Those in a relationship may need to shake their partner and remind them what a bomb you are. Physcial attractions are lit, and by lit we mean on fire! Go out with your best pair of pants on.

Tip: Put your adult pants on.



Are you tired yet of convincing people around you that you’re the best? Well, Pisces this is the week for you to shine because not only are you being recognised for the amount of time and energy you invest in your projects but also for how easy breezy you make it all seem. Not only is this a time of rewards, but also for being motivated to continue your perseverance. You’re working towards building a safe and secure future not just for yourself but also for your partner.

Tip: You make success look easy.


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