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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Wear your crown with pride, lady! You’re playing the Empress this week. Whatever it is that you were seeking—a lifestyle, an idea or a project—has found you. And what follows success is happiness. This isn’t a temporary fix but a state of complete emotional and creative satisfaction. Life isn’t a straight line though. Only when there is darkness, you see the stars. The nine of wands is a reminder of darkness. The battles you have been fighting and will continue to fight. And the dawn after the dusk that shall prevail.



It’s beautiful to see how you went all the way this time. You accomplished something that you fought your way through, both personally and professionally. You have been super-committed to the task at hand and worked your way through it. This calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? You are surrounded by good energies, soak it all in. But remember, personal growth must never stop. Because only when you’re whole as a person, you’d be able to guide the world better and for that you must be willing to keep moving ahead.



There was a shit-storm and you got engulfed in it. Well, disappointments and failures are a part of life. No human has been spared of these emotions. When a happy situation turns sour, the initial reaction is to focus on the negative aspects of things and to experience a sense failure. The key is to see what have you gained out of this experience. Someone in your life who has been your constant has let you down this time. Perhaps, all of these signs lead to a singular place — You! You have always been strong, assertive and independent. Dig inside a little, you might even find a stronger version of yourself.



“What you are seeking is also seeking you.” These words by Rumi resonate with your life immaculately at this point. Finally, there is clarity. After years of failures, you have finally found the purpose that you had been after. And you are hustling, effortlessly. It isn’t always easy to juggle between multiple gigs but a dream is worth the effort. Also, a little side-income doesn’t hurt. This marks the beginning of a new journey on a path that is completely new to you. Here’s some priceless — just start walking!



You have reached a space where you respect not just yourself but everybody around. You love being everybody’s go-to person. You love caring for those who find themselves in your inner circle. You fiercely independent soul, allow them to take good care of you in return. Such is the magic of love. It will make the dark clouds constantly surrounding you disappear. Everything in the workplace depends on your decisions. You want to be able to take them with a peaceful mind.



Your inner child is making its way out of the many layers of conditioning. Let her bloom away! You are surrounded by positive and happy energies. Look inwards and you’ll find the source of this unending optimism. You’re likely to meet a group of people who are onto something. Feeling inspired to join their tribe? This calls for a divine collaboration. Professionally, you are blessed with great teammates but on the personal front, things may be a bit unsteady. Let the sadness go as you go with  the flow.



It is always a good decision to walk away from something that is nothing but a source of pain. The transition that you are making in your life is essential and will serve you well. You’re likely to have faced deceit. Feeling hurt is inevitable. When a pleasant situation turns sour, the initial reaction is to focus on the negative aspect of it instead of the learning. There could be some recurring problems in love as well. For now, just let it all go.



With the King of Cups giving his heart to you, you are in for a magical ride. This love is real, yet everything feels surreal. He’s saying all the right things and treating you right. In for long haul? Whisper it into his ear. You might get a fancy ring and a one-way ticket to Paris in return.



You’re probably reading this under the thick covers of your bed, feeling melancholy running through your blood. Everything seems to be falling out of place and you are not being able to find the road to happiness. But the stars are in your favour. You are well-aware of where you are in life. Seek the help you need to recover and heal faster. Your work might have got affected as a result of what you are going through. It’s time to bring your focus back.



The world is your oyster. You’re thinking big and are driven to take the next big step. Keep treading this path and finding bigger avenues for your business. Money might be a problem right now but don’t let that deter you from moving ahead. Borrow fund only if you are certain you will be able to return it at the right time.



Work and money are top priority right now! Everything else can wait. Spending as much time as you can creating in your own cave promises to be hugely beneficial for you. But don’t forget that you are the life of a party! Make time to let your hair down once in a while!



Turbulence equals transformation. You are going through a huge transition, internally and externally. How the situation unravels depends hugely on the decisions you make. Are you going to take a healthier, happier pathway or will you fall back in the same cycle? You must remember that if the cycle doesn’t break, your life would always reflect something that you haven’t really liked in a long time.

Tip: You are going through a huge transition.


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