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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



For Aries this week is about toeing the line. The Empress calls out to your natural charismatic tendencies, you have the ability to sweet-talk your way through every challenge this week brings. On the other hand there’s a sign that an ex might be making a reappearance so give in to this way-of-words to steer clear of any potentially uncomfortable situation. For those facing conflict in their relationships this is a good time to reassess what you bring to the table but also how you express yourself.



Taurus this week is flush with new energy, a time of courage most necessary when you’re at the precipice of something new. But you also have the one thing nobody can learn which is the willingness to start over. However before beginning a new journey you need to sit with a planner and map your way to the successful end, factor in all roadblocks, prepare yourself. Most importantly be careful of whom you place your trust in, sometimes it might be good to walk the road by yourself.



Wake up and smell the coffee Gemini! The world is in your hands and you have the ability to make every change you want to in your life. The Two of Wands talks of a possible relocation one that brings you closer to your life goals. There’s a good chance you open the doorway to romantic possibilities in the process.



Cancer this week finds themself in the middle of a thousand different things, or well at least it will feel that way with the number of projects, people, and problems you’re juggling. The key to keeping your sanity? Prioritise. Put things into a list format and go through it one by one. Even more important is allowing yourself to lean on those close to you – your partner might be the best pillar of support you can ask for this week!



This week, work on being the eye of the storm. This is actually a great time to evaluate how you’re looking at the conflicts surrounding you – maybe your voice isn’t being heard because you’re trying to shout it out. Avoid giving in to feelings of hopelessness and see how you can avoid these situations in the future. Whether the conflicts are at work or home, keeping the ego aside can do wonders.



What’s the fun without friction eh Virgo? Well sometimes it’s important to assess how much the relationship is about the time you share engaging with each other and how often it’s just an argument. Does the good outweigh the bad? Sometimes this clash of energy arises between two passionate people so while that is a good thing, you need to question whether this energy is something you want around you. Most importantly, can you pass off immaturity as passion?



Libra libra libra if there has ever been a time to stay absolutely focused on your path it is now. You’re on the precipice of success, in the final stages of your journey. But any potential slip-ups at this point could prove disastrous and undermine all the effort you’ve been putting in to this project. Avoid excesses, whether it is a physical or emotional indulgence. Even if it comes down to complete self-imposed hibernation, do it till you’ve crossed the finish line!



Oh Scorpio, if the past hasn’t served as enough of a lesson take this as your cosmic cue to put the inner party girl to rest. At the very least until you’re able to finish your current projects at work. There’s potential for recognition one that brings you the due rewards but make sure it isn’t the wrong kind of attention. Be mindful of those around you, sometimes the envy of colleagues tends to show up in ugly ways.



Give in to the summer vibe Sagittarius, the colour for this season is a blush of new love. Take this as your green light to surrender to spontaneity and take chances, go on a movie date with someone you’ve been meaning to ask out. For those in a relationship, this week is about planning a trip, making plans for new adventures that you two will take together, maybe even move into a place fo your own!



Capricorn this week is in a precarious position especially in the work sphere where you’re surrounded by multiple voices all saying different things, and this difference of opinion is flaring up egos and causing bitterness among friends. The thing to understand here is that sometimes you need to know when to disengage from the work mode and lighten up and move on or allow the conflict to define your working relationships.



The week ahead looks to be one of hard work for Aquarius, but who says work can’t be fun? This is the time for you to invest in your own skill set, pick up a new hobby that improves your focus to work, polish the skills you’ve already learnt and in general remain open to new information pouring in. The Sun is a card that speaks of utmost happiness so even if it feels like you’re living your whole day at the office you wouldn’t mind it!



Pisces is at an interesting crossroads this week where you feel daunted in the face of choices and a decision is being put off until you can clear things up in your mind. While there is an abundance of finances you need more of a payoff to feel satisfied and thus are not fully sure of what to do when regarding these funds. Perhaps the answer lies in figuring out what would bring you an emotional satisfaction, investing in your family – maybe funding a sibling’s business venture, or helping your parents make a big purchase. Or you could expand your scope and look into charitable ventures and support a local artist!


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