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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Tired of feeling like you’ve fallen just short of success? Well the only person standing in your way, is you. For someone who is so self aware you need to sit down with your thoughts and find out why the self-sabotage is becoming a habit, why are you constantly presenting a lesser version of yourself? The Queen of Wands acts as your calling card and a reminder that your fullest potential lies in recognising your unlimited creative prowess.



You know what most people can’t handle? When someone is ambitious as hell and knows exactly what they want. Your focus and drive may be inviting difficulties in terms of jealous colleagues or conflicts but the way out is to harness your emotional strength and invite people to see things from the right perspective. As opposed to bossing over them try to plant the seed of an idea that’d work in your favour so they think they came up with the solution! Sometimes it’s what you say that counts rather than how loud you say it.



This week the Six of Cups reunites you with a friend, or confidant if you will, creating a space of reconnecting, revisiting old memories and catching up on lost time. This also creates the perfect ambience to exchange ideas both in terms of your work and a general approach to life so if you’ve had any doubts that haven’t been voiced yet, this is the time to work out the right words. Relish the comfort zone that this person brings back to your life.



Cue the dramatic theme music because this week is like a comedy of errors style conflict for you. With the workload of the past few weeks finally easing off you’re in the mood to go out, chill with some friends and maybe get a drink or fifteen but there’s something holding you back. And no this isn’t what Tagore wrote about in Home And The World but that’s where your conflicting feelings lie right now. Is someone at home demanding your attention? Is your partner choosing netflix and chill instead of cocktails and thrills? Find a way to balance the desire to go out and stay at home for maximum peace of mind.



You know that feeling when you’re at work and it’s been five hours and then you look at the time it’s only been five minutes? Well this week the same dreary pace of life is giving birth to something magical. Keep a notebook in hand because who knows when an absolutely genius idea might come to you. The thing to remember is that no creative idea is useless, everything has the potential to grow into something great if only you put wholehearted belief into your self and the energy with which you start your project.



Nobody enjoys the cold hit of reality but this time it’s one of disillusionment so take it with a pinch of salt. This could happen personal space where you feel let down by someone. The thing to remember here is not to abandon hope. I mean at least in yourself. Turn your focus to things that might give you a more tangible satisfaction like a project at work or a weekend workshop course. Creative endeavours will see you through this time of disappointment and if not, there’s always the nearest beach town you can escape to.



Let’s start with the single greatest advice of the millennial generation: in a room full of Kardashians be a Monroe. You’re more than likely to find yourself in a situation where a lot of opinions are voiced, one overlapping the other and while the noise is an uncomfortable space it’s up to you to find the light. Find a way to command the attention of everyone with your sage advice. You’ve never been one to give in to petty ego tussles so don’t start now!



This week for Scorpio is all about taking things to the next level, moving your commitment to the home sphere and introducing your partner to the family. For those taking the leap into marriage this is a time of earning approving nods from everyone and following the traditions but not without compromise. Who says you can’t get married in wool jackets on the Swiss alps?



Well well well this is an interesting week for you. The Seven of Swords is usually a card associated with deception and it has a lot of negativity attached to it but paired with the Sun it signifies a time of happiness. Sometimes we’re let down by someone’s actions but are glad to never have to see them again. Or perhaps this relationship has reached its end and you’re no longer guilty of going behind your partner’s back? Either way this calls for a reassessment of where the relationship stands.



Okay Capricorn this week calls for stepping out of the current zone and analysizng why you’re feeling reigned in. Sometimes we create our own limitations but this feeling of powerlessness has some external cause, whether it is for the promotion you’re chasing or the well deserved rewards you’re not getting. Find out how to work smart rather than working hard because perhaps the lack is in focus. Sit with a superior and get a third perspective on this.



Don your best robe and greet your senpai because this is back to school week where you find yourself learning from the best in your business. Try and get as much information from your mentor in this period because their valuable skills are a perfect platform for you to grow. This is a period of great learning and ample growth both personally and professionally!


Roses bloom everywhere for you this week because after a few rocky weeks you and your partner have reached a stage of perfect harmony. With your partner going above and beyond to make sure you feel safe in this relationship you’re in a place of peace and happiness. Basically, things don’t get better than this until one of you bends the knee and pops the question. For those not in a relationship, you’re in a position to make your own happiness and find repose in the most personal ways.


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