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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



This week is all about channeling that inner undefeatable spirit of the ram. Should you find yourself faltering just before the finish line, know that this is the truest test of your willpower. If you find yourself surrounded by particularly conflicting voices, tap into the inner strength and deal with the situation with a smile. Expect romantic fires flaring up from unexpected sources and take things as they come. Passion and self-control seldom go hand in hand.



When presented with a lot of choices, even the most steadfast rider is bound to be perturbed. The question is which of the opportunities presented is a viable and worthy pursuit? Don’t let any roadblocks throw you off just yet, take this as a cue to really examine your options. Even if this means that you need to retrace your way back to the starting point – maybe this is a clue that you need to change direction!



So maybe the right perfume really can bring you to your soulmate! The connection you felt with this new person in your life makes steady progression this week into a solid partnership. Each of you balances the other out in perfect harmony, where one brings cozy love and free-spiritedness the other brings the other sparks action and fiery passion. Your partner will be your biggest cheerleader and be the ideal companion in your plan for world domination!



Sometimes, especially in matters of the heart, the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new phase is never perfectly aligned. Endings don’t often happen as easily as we’d want them to and it may feel like you’re constantly having to finalise the terms of this separation. You’re basically on the cusp of getting rid of all the old things you no longer have space for in your life, hold on to the hope that being free of this negative energy is the best thing you can do for yourself.



There is a moment of indelible clarity that comes when you are able to identify the devil in your life – the one that’s stirring up trouble everywhere they go. With this clarity comes the conscious decision you make on how far you move from the negativity. Sign the treaty and move on to a space of openness and happy vibes. Even though it may seem difficult, and you might even have to walk this path alone for a while, know that this distance will ultimately do you good.



This week is one of new beginnings for you, with romantic sparks taking shape into something more concrete. In a time when everyone follows these ideals about what a relationship should be you make your own rules and bring in the energy of love and respect in all areas of your life. This loving demeanour also brings happiness and harmony to other aspects of your life.



This week you put a pause on all projects in favour of re-examining your approach to work. Are you possibly leaving too much room for someone to betray your trust or undermine you in terms of a project? Alternatively is there someone around you who is throwing up road blocks because of which your work is stalled? The thing is sometimes this happens when we need to take a backseat and let karma work things out, and in the meantime we introspect, we make plans to safeguard our own interests in this conflict.



This week calls for some major future planning! There are opportunities all around you and change headed your way at great speed but with the powerhouse of confidence you’ve been building up over the past few weeks you have the ability to face anything and charm it to your favour. For those in a relationship this week could see you taking things to the next level in securing your commitments to each other long-term.



Having moved past the conflicts of the week that was you find yourself craving some solitude. Whether you use this time to gather your thoughts, spend it learning a new skill, or just disengaging from everything around you, it is an important time-out. In the larger scheme of things the pursuit of intellectual satisfaction might serve to fulfill you more than trying to be more palatable (easy to understand) to the people around you.



This week brings an unexpected set of challenges that bring you and your partner closer. Whether it is something that tests your loyalty to each other or your belief in monogamy itself, there is a test of your inner resolve headed your way. But there’s no reason to worry because in putting up this united front you and your partner find strength and reassurance in each other.



With all the blocks clearing up from last week another one opens to bring back someone from your past this week. While nostalgia and reconnecting may seem pleasant at first, sometimes the people from our past belong just there. For further proof just recall why things fell apart in the first place. Self preservation may often be confused with self love but it is never considered selfish. Make the right decision for you!



Disappointment comes to us in many forms, most often it is beyond our control. Whether this happens in a relationship or at work from a project falling through, you’ve been figuratively sat down in a corner. The key here is to not be overwhelmed by this, while it may take you some time to find your bearings again, only you can determine how much power the situation will have over you (if at all)!


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