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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Channeling the tunnel vision of last week, this is all about burning the midnight oil and really testing your own boundaries in terms of work. How much can you push to make this dream goal manifest? If at any point you feel burnt out, go back to your vision board – remember why you started the journey because only then do you have the potential to emerge at the top of the game.



Moving on from the comfortable lazy energy of the week before, you find yourself in a space of clarity on what your next move needs to be. When the mind is allowed to chill, you’re in a better position to recognise what you really want to achieve – whether that’s a short term goal or something you want to do by year’s end. And now with this clarity of vision, you have the ability to set plans in motion and start laying the groundwork to fulfil these goals.



Sparks are flying everywhere for you this week. Just see how shedding the ego can open up new channels of romance for you! There is possibility of major passionate dialogue this week, to the extent that you won’t even care about other people at the party (so make sure you wear the right perfume). Speaking of perfumes, this is also a good time to indulge in some fun retail therapy. Spoil yourself silly!



It is better to have been honest about your feelings than to live forever in ambiguity. Sometimes two people in a partnership are not at the same stage of commitment – at the very least you now know the level of love and loyalty you need from a partner. While it’s never fun to see a relationship end, take this as a sign from the universe that you are ready to move on to bigger better things!



Drama, drama, drama! Especially where the family is concerned, it seems like complications never seem to take a break. It’s especially jolting after your vacay vibes from last week. Keep an eye on the family funds, and be particularly shrewd in where you’re investing your money. Dysfunctional families are cute on TV, but not in real life. If there seems to be a common source for all the gossip and conflict, arrange a full-blown intervention and weed out the misunderstandings.



Well, look at that! Taking a chance really does pay off because you’re finally entering a phase where you don’t constantly think about that last relationship – wondering if it really was bad enough to be ended. This is the week of manifesting new energy in matters of the heart, healing old wounds, and taking time to form a connect with the new people in your life.



Sometimes perfectly laid plans can fall apart too, and although it can’t be anticipated, what you do have in your control is how you move on from the situation. Do you need to be more mindful of the people you are collaborating with? Are you leaving too much up to chance in the process of completing your tasks? With one eye on damage control, try to find the fault in your blueprint that caused this slip up in the grand scheme of things.



Moving into new light from the week that was, you’re faced with an opportunity that drives you in a way that you now know more than ever what you ultimately want to achieve. You have the ability to direct your journey to align with these goals and face every challenge with guns blazing. There may also be some exciting opportunities for you to take this work out of the city and broaden your horizons, so keep a bag packed and ready!



This week, you find yourself a little way down the path that takes you to your final goals, but the mood is one of mind over matter. You’re solely focused on the work at hand, leaving no room for emotional interferences. On the relationship front, this isn’t the best time as it feels like you’ll need to harness all your inner strength to make things work, and the practical side of you might end up questioning the longevity of this relationship. Which one takes the forefront – work or love?



Moving past the seemingly chaotic mix of energies of the previous week, you move into calmer waters now. Spending time with family puts your heart and mind at rest, and allows for clarity of thought on where you want to go from here. However, this could be short-lived as work pulls you back into a different zone altogether. Stick to the things that keep you happy; maybe join a meditation class!



Break out the cheerleader uniform because that project you’ve been so dedicatedly working on finally reaches a point of completion. For those suffering from creative blockades, expect a breakthrough that helps you better understand where you’re headed from here on. However, don’t expect things to just fall into your lap without any initiative from your end. The success only comes from investing time and energy conscientiously into these projects. Don’t shy away from taking creative leaps of faith!



This week, things may be a little short on the financial front, so look forward to a lot more home cooking and Netflixing than usual. Avocado on toast made at home is just as good as when you drop a few hundred bucks on it. But that doesn’t necessarily need to hold you back from the good life. Use this to experiment with your spiritual side. Try some meditation this week, maybe give yoga another chance. Light some scented candles when you feel particularly wild!


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