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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



What happens when the fuel goes below the limit in your car? This week calls for removing yourself from the chaos and analysing whether the energy you’re investing is giving proportional returns. There’s bound to be unrest around you whether it’s five people talking at once over dinner, or conflicting opinions at the workplace. The key here is to observe, to listen quietly and take a calm approach to solving these conflicts. Consider this a universal test of your patience!



Whether you like it or not, this week calls for you being the centre of attention so make the most of it,  particularly with your partner. The two of you are entering a new phase of life; whether this is a solidification of commitment in the form of a ring or simply public declarations in front of those who matter. The potential for this relationship to blossom is right in front of you should the two of you invest equivalent energy into it. For those whose work is their true love, the same holds true – invest in the project you’re working on, and watch it grow into something beautiful.



Once bitten, twice shy? It’s only natural to want to withdraw from situations that leave you feeling down and out whether this is the bitter ending of a relationship or perhaps a project at work that ultimately fell through. While forgiveness is the first advice it can be a tough road to go down, mostly because you just don’t want to. But this week calls for looking inward and finding the strength to push past those mental roadblocks. Remember, when you tell yourself you have nothing to lose, it is easier to take chances and start afresh.



Moving on from the negative experiences of the past has seen you build up your walls. While it is necessary to be protective of your well-being, defensive of your trust, and who you open your heart to, it’s a tough line to toe. Be careful not to internalise the belief that life is a struggle, that if you’re not constantly uncomfortable and trying to achieve more, that you’re unsuccessful or worse, unhappy. The mantra is simple: just keep swimming. Move on not just from the conflicts that keep cropping up but the voice in your own head that tells you that you can’t.



As the saying goes, we are the choices we make. So, when it comes down to making a decision, there is no harm in taking your time to weigh both sides of the possible outcome before going down one path. Trust your instinct to know right from wrong but be mindful not to be swayed by the rosy promises of an illusionary opportunity. The scenario may seem rosy but it could amount to nothing, just as easily.



This week the Queen of Cups makes an appearance to remind you that you have a heart of gold, buried underneath all that sass, of course. Emotions tend to run high but it’s important not to give in to pettiness especially if the conflict can be resolved with being the bigger person. Holding on to past grudges is not only bad for the heart, but also for the mind. Hit refresh and give in to what life brings you!



While no one enjoys confrontation, it’s necessary to ask for the dues that are owed to you. When you have invested time and energy into something, you are within rights to demand the equivalent returns, and for clarity on whatever has caused a delay in the matter. Cook up the most tactful way of doing it – you always win more flies with honey than vinegar – but whether it is in a relationship or in the professional space, ask for what you’re owed. Seek clarity, that is the mantra for the week.



This week is one for asking all the hard questions. When secrets and underhanded affairs come to light, you find yourself at a crucial stage on how to move on from this. Is it best to cut your losses and hit the rebound button, or take the time to clearly think about where you need to go from here onwards. The good thing about setting a goal in mind is not only does it take you away from the negativity, but it also brings about a determination in you to win against all odds.



This week is about downtime, taking a personal day and just recentering your energy into what counts. Some abrupt changes in the past may have thrown you off course a bit but the time to push past inaction is here, how do we gain closure from this and move on? The first step is clarity in communication, talk things out. Sometimes while telling someone how we feel can unlock certain subconscious things we weren’t aware of ourselves.



This is the week you learn to fight for what you believe in, but the road to clarity isn’t an easy one. To recognise what you want without a shadow of doubt there needs to be space for open communication in your relationship. On the flip side, if all you can do is imagine the worst case scenario, and this is holding you back from taking a chance with someone new the time has come to take a leap of faith!



This week for you is all about taking control and guiding yourself down the correct route. There is a binary but cohesive energy at work where on one hand is the dreamer, you are following your passion, and dreaming greater bigger goals to achieve. On the other side, is the one who conserves whether energy or funds, but you’re basically saving up to build a reserve for when you might need it in the pursuit of something bigger than where you currently stand.



This week is all about the work, work for you, and why shouldn’t it be? Every project you’re investing your time and energy into is reaching fruition and you’re in a place of selecting the best ones for yourself. Your commitment to work will bring you the due rewards without having to ask. Basically, your work is speaking for itself so things come full circle in that regard.


Hauterfly's Content Writer and Video Producer, Kreena is a sucker for all things DIY. In love with nail art, beauty, fashion, textiles, and all things creative under the sun, she follows the mantra: Why buy, when you can DIY?!

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