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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



It’s time to grind, Aries. This is the week where you switch from easy cruising to full throttle – give your all to the project you’re working on! In times such as this, when you’re close to the finish line, there’s always the risk of panic, of doubting whether you’ll make it, but the key to reaching your goals is to switch off the part of your brain that says ‘no’, and use the auto pilot mode to see you through. Trust that you’re on your way to success, this is the path you’ve paved with your indisputable creative prowess, and it’s taking you to your happy place. You are where you’ve always wanted to be!



Take it light, Taurus! This week promises to be one of ups and downs with rejection coming your way—a possible heartbreak on the horizon. The Emperor is a card of solidity though. There is a commitment present, but chances are the current circumstances are lacing bitterness through the love. If there are external factors bringing out the worst in you two, that’s a problem you can fix. But if there are doubts within, you need to sit and have the conversation. At work, things continue full steam ahead, and while it runs the risk of overwhelming you, there’s a chance you may find repose and strength there.



Communication, as always, is key, Gemini! Now let’s break this down; the Queen of Swords basically spearheads you this week with a head full of brilliant ideas, and this is definitely getting you the right kind of attention at work. With being hot property comes the responsibility, no the duty, to demand for what your worth. Remember, we reflect onto others how we see ourselves, so never undervalue your own skill set – although there may be some conflict with regards to the money side of things. Don’t let this disrupt your peace of mind. Light a candle, take a deep breath, and leave some time to gather your thoughts at the end of the day.



Mighty Aphrodite winks your way this week, Cancer! The Ace of Cups brings a time of emotional abundance, and your compassionate nature acts as a magnet, bringing new love your way. Now this may or may not be romantic in the way of cocoa and cuddles, but the key is to keep yourself open, to express your emotions. Swap anger for peace, the snark for love, and get going because this newfound friend/lover has the potential to stick around for life.



Roar aloud, Leo! The Nine of Pentacles, this week, sets you off on a note of utter self confidence and some well deserved success. So naturally this is the perfect time to indulge yourself! Tired after slogging over the past few days? Find the nearest spa and make a day of it. Better yet, find one a little further, and take the weekend off (road trips are the best!). Now, while retail therapy might do you good, this is also the time for some spiritual healing, a re-centering of the inner self if you will. Two-fold healing is the best gift you’ll give yourself.



Remember when things felt stuck in limbo? Well, this week, they’re all coming together. Projects at work come to a successful end, all efforts you’ve put into your relationship are paying off, and in general, life is reaching a happy crescendo. Now while things may be coming full circle, the journey is far from over – in fact there may be a fun trip on the cards soon. It’s important to remember that a lot of this success comes from teamwork, so allow your colleagues and friends to step in where they can because, let’s be honest, even if we had an extra set of arms, we couldn’t juggle everything!



Oh Libra! This week is the time to explore your fifty shades! While you may not be in Paris, there’s certainly a ‘city of love’ vibe in the air, and it’s electric with the possibility of a soul mate connection. Don’t worry, you’ll know the minute you see him! This dreamboat will woo you with their word, but intelligence and emotions aren’t always as easily expressed. As for you, this time may find you at your most emotionally vulnerable, so find the best way to channel these. It’s important to know when you’re getting carried away, so even if you wanna cry about something, do it in private, with a hint of dignity.



Claws up, Scorpio! This week, the Queen of Wands is spearheading you with a vibrant dose of energy. This is the time for you to be at your bold and charismatic best – we know how you thrive in the spotlight! With the right channelling of energy, things on the work front might see a big change. We spy a promotion on the horizon. This is the time of power, so use it to your maximum, spread the positivity around to your colleagues. But with all that going on, remember to take the time to reach out to the ones who love you.



Everything’s coming up roses this week for you, Sagittarius! A project at work seems to reach its final stage. On the personal front, this situation of life coming to a full circle marks harmony and good vibes all around. Remember to acknowledge your colleagues for the success, everything is a team effort, and it is that collaborative energy that has paid off. Be wary though, because as the dust settles, you might be left feeling uncertain of where to take things from here. Just trust your instincts with this.



The trick this week is to breathe. The Hanged Man resonates a feeling of temporary suspension, like things are in limbo or no plans seem to materialise the way you’re intending. The likeliest reason behind this temporary delay is that a wrong choice has been made – but don’t be too hard on yourself. When faced with too many choices, we’re all susceptible to making the wrong one. The best way through this, is to sit still and let your energy recharge. Be frugal where you need to be – we’re all for a weekend of Netflix and chill (party of one).



The Ace of Wands, this week, sets off a million sparks. Your creative energy is at its highest and this is the time to set some goals. But how do you get there? Channel some of this ingenuity into creating a plan of action. What would be the best way to feed the creative soul, but also make this a financially rewarding experience? Remember, the idea of the starving artist is best left to fiction. If in the past things haven’t worked your way, this is the time to salve your bruised ego and throw your hands to the universe (It’s showering blessings down, baby!)



This week signals a need to change gears and slow down, Pisces. If you’re tired of struggling with the same set of problems at work or in a relationship, maybe this is the best opportunity to disengage from the situation and allow yourself a period of introspection. While it may seem that being apathetic and keeping yourself occupied with menial tasks is the best escape, the only true solution is to acknowledge your feelings and give yourself the time and space to heal. Maybe a solo trip to a beach town is the gift you need this Christmas.


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