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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



The Five of Pentacles this week comes with a warning bell for Aries – anything you plan to invest your time, energy, even your money into should be done with careful consideration. Don’t lose faith, take it as a lesson learnt in handling financial decisions and alternately if you feel like you’re the only one cheering in your corner, remember that this is a minor hurdle and you’re on your way to make it big. The point is to not stop, to keep brushing yourself off and continuing the hustle!




For Taurus this week The Two of Pentacles signifies a sense of balance, of being the top dog both in your personal and professional lives. If there’s anyone who can handle a multitude of tasks right now, it’s you. Be careful of people around you who might be taking you for granted because of this, there’s only so far you can go before this balance is skewed. The Nine of Pentacles calls for an afternoon by the pool with an activated charcoal face mask and mimosas – treat yourself for all that hard work!




This week for Gemini is a lesson in patience, because sometimes no matter how much we may be craving clarity in a given situation, it just doesn’t let up. The Hanged Man talks of suspended action but sometimes even waiting for the right call can be a good thing for you. The only thing to remember is not to let yourself become complacent in these matters, reload those guns and go forth! On a side note, use this downtime for some pampering.




For Cancer this week is all about being top dog in the workplace. Expect an immense influx of creative energy that, when appropriately channelled, has the potential to put you in the position of leader and innovator rather than someone who simply follows the route set by others. With the slew of projects piling up on your plate, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed but don’t let this throw you off course. Just take a step back, prioritise and get things done one by one.



Like the phoenixes of yore, this week calls for a rebirth of the Leo. Take stock of your emotions and actions and turn things around because the situations you’re on your way to face call for a fresh perspective. Think of it like shedding your old skin. This is the time for big bold decisions, whether it’s an extreme hair makeover or a trip overseas, or quitting your job to put into action that business idea you’ve been cooking up!




For Virgo this week is about moving out of the black and into the blue, moving on from the minor disasters that have brought on this fresh faced nubile outlook towards life – don’t let anyone mistake this for naivety though! This week your only task is to focus on the good, the positivity of change, the inevitability that things will work out in your favour if only you make them work! In the face of adversity, channel your inner warrior and face them head on.




This week for Libra is a major learning lesson particularly in matters of love and relationships. The Ace of Cups is here to tell you that the significant someone you’ve been flirting with might be more than an undercover lover. But before you throw yourself headfirst into this budding romance take stock of how this has worked out for you in the past. The key: retrospection without being tainted by old heartbreaks. Cautious optimism might be the way to go this time around.




The Knight of Swords this week for Scorpio is the ultimate call to arms, a sign that you have to fight for what you believe in even if you’re the only one in your corner. With your wit and turn of phrase you have the ability to turn the situation in your favour, to allow those around you to see your perspective. The path isn’t an easy one, the work front may potentially take over life for some time but the hard work you put in at this point is crucial to the success you ultimately desire.




This week for Sagittarius is one that calls for clarity because in the absence of knowing what you want, or which path is right for you as opposed to one that’s easy, there’s always a risk of being distracted by shortcuts, by the instant gratification. Remember there’s no quick recipe for success, not if you want it to last. With the weight of multiple tasks on your shoulders, you might be feeling overwhelmed but know that this is also because you need to sit and prioritise how best to do things lest it all goes up in flames.




This week for Capricorn is all about the good life, the Knight of Pentacles is a sign that the life you’ve made for yourself is idyllic as it stands right now. With your finances secured for the next few weeks this is a good time to indulge in some luxury, buy some art for the house, treat yourself to some fine dining. On the relationship front there may be a mismatch of expectations where one partner may be ready to go all out, i.e. weekend getaway, shopping spree, etc. while the other is harboring uncertainty.



This proves to be a backbreaking week for Aquarius at work – this could go both ways so don’t fret just yet. There’s a chance you’re feeling weighed down by the multitude of tasks being piled onto you but think of it this way, you must be doing something right for people to trust you to put in more than your share of work. Do the work without stressing over it, an easy way to do this is to plan your work day every morning so you have a timeline to follow. While things may feel in limbo take this time to keep your head down and work rather than chase promotions and recognition.




This week presents a learning lesson for Pisces, both on the work front and relationships. The King of Cups signifies a partner or colleague that is ever present and willing to offer help, the partner who’s showering you with love. And yet you find yourself holding back, cautious of allowing them in, possibly from fear of repeating past mistakes. The only solution here is to look back and figure out why the partnership ended sourly and use that as a touchstone for what to avoid now.



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