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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


aries_Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


Your challenge this week: realising the road ahead isn’t all lavenders and lilies. You are going to face roadblocks aplenty. The only way to survive the is by making refuelling your own reserves. When you’re not working, resist the urge to go to yet another ‘social gathering’. Go home and get some rest instead. It is from this space that creative solutions will arise. Game on, Aries!


taurus Horoscope_Jan 28_Hauterfly


Sometimes the suavest looking man in the room turns out to be every bit the gentleman his suit promises he is. At other times, the biggest con artist on the block. Who’s to tell? You, you, you! This week is about separating fact from fiction. And how are you supposed to do that? By tuning into your gut!


gemini Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


O ye, Gemini! You’re pregnant with possibility! This week is about new, new, new. The ideas that have been germinating in your heart and mind are ready to see the light of day. Nurture them with love. You have so much to give. With Mother Earth showering you with her blessings, you’re basically creativity in motion. For some of you, this period of fertility literally means a time to bring a ‘baby on board’.


cancer Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


Sometimes you feel like your family is a perfect fit. At others, you feel like you’re in the midst of an alien invasion. But that’s the thing about relationships, we have to constantly work towards maintaining them. Remember this through and through, as you witness a major upheaval in this area of your life. Start afresh on the foundation of love, respect, and trust. Turn to the elders in the clan. They know how to build back the bridges that have been burnt.


leo Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


Hello, Boss Lady! You’ve been working far too hard. Swap that crisp white shirt for a slip dress and get ready to have some fun! This week is about going all out on the social front. Look at all those invitations pouring in! Make place for both the old and new connections in your life. Get ready to network like a pro. You never know who’s willing to fund that billion dollar idea you’ve got!


virgo_Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


There’s something about being with your lover this week that ignites a different kind of chemistry. I’m talking about the creative connect, baby! Those of you thinking about taking a leap beyond the personal and into the professional, or vice versa, here’s a green signal from the Universe! But the dance of creativity is not restricted to work alone. Take on Project Home Improvement, organise a cookout marathon, or simply throw a party together! See how this helps you discover a new side of your partner and have so much fun together!


libra_Horoscope Jan 28_Hauterfly


This is a time for great change. What do you want to move in your life, Libra? There are many options before you. The choice is yours to make. Go by not what others tell you. Find the answers within. Change as we know is infamous for creating an upheaval of sorts. Learn to be your own centre. That’s only way to get through the storm.


scorpio Horoscope Jan 30_Hauterfly


Your superpower this week: your ability to face a multitude of challenges and how you remain unfettered in the face of the storm. The road ahead isn’t going to be easy. Rise to your power, Scorpio! Get ready to fight for and defend not just yourself, but others as well. This time, leave your heart behind. Let logic and intellect guide the choices you make on the road.


sagittarius Horoscope_Jan 28_Hauterfly


What does your heart desire, Sagittarius? Because you can have it all! This week is about enjoying the material realm and everything that comes with it — the good wine, the fancy vacay, the monogrammed bag! These are the fruits of your own labour. Indulge in the sweet smell on independence! There’s much joy in being able to provide for yourself and others.


capricorn_Jan 30 Horoscope_Hauterfly


Oh, the cycle of giving and receiving! In terms of business and wealth, this is a potent time for you. You have worked hard towards building this empire. But who helped you on this journey? It’s time to remember and acknowledge them all, one by one. Now that you have everything you need, what can you do for them? It’s your turn to give, Capricorn!


aquarius Jan 30 Horoscope_Hauterfly


Who do you want to be 10 years from now? How would you like to build the Aquarius empire? You’re being called to examine each step along the way with utmost practicality — and that means giving a serious thought to where and how the funds are coming in from. Reconsider every one of your expenses and cultivate the art of saving. You’ll thank yourself for what you’re starting today.


pisces Jan 30 Horoscope_Hauterfly


Think of this week as a spiritual wake-up call from the Universe. How do you cultivate faith? Where do you draw your strength from? Who do you turn to in the most trying times? Discover what this means to you — whether you want to sing and dance the Sufi way, meditate in the mountains, or simply tune in. Finding your path will lead you to joy.


Karishma Rajani (Zohra Shanti)

A gypsy fortune teller at heart, she (Zohra Shanti) has experienced first hand the power of Tarot as a sacred tool of divination. She believes that tarot is the secret language—one that unravels the mysteries hidden in our subconscious and help us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves and works as a writer and program developer for spiritual and transformational retreat in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, the written word, cinnamon and dark chocolate.


A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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