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July 24, 2017 | by Karishma Rajani
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HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Aries_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30_Hauterfly


Initiative. Now that’s a superpower! If you’ve got an idea that can change the world, why wait until tomorrow to create a new world order? You know what makes a leader a leader? The willingness to lead. Don’t be afraid to peacock, darling! It’s time to show the organisation the stuff you’re made of. Working on a project of your own? That’s more of a reason to make a head start.


Taurus_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Working towards something that is larger than yourself? Respect the team, the organisation, and most importantly, what everybody brings to the table. If you’re feeling a bit ‘out of sync’ with the process, take ownership. Accept your shortcomings, whether it is the unwillingness to take responsibility or lack of punctuality. Adhering to the rules this time has the potential to change the game.


Gemini_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


The difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Initiative. That and the willingness to charge towards the destination with unbridled passion. The Universe is silently guiding you towards your calling. Don’t be afraid to walk on the path that is being paved for you.


Cancer_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Hello, multitasking extraordinaire. Yes, you can do it. Two varying roles and responsibilities play tug of war. There’s a chance your personal life lashes out against professional. Either way, it’s war zone. The only way to stay safe is to find a balance between different aspects of life. At work, know that playing superwoman will open up new avenues for you and give you plenty of reasons to shine in the long run.


Leo_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


This week, you’re writing that 101 on how to Queen Bee in the boudoir, the boardroom, and everywhere else. From playing the perfect hostess at dinner to working your charms in the social circuit, you’ve got it all covered. No wonder every woman wants to be who you are. For the single ladies, the urge to create their own home and hearth gets stronger. Give the man in your life the chance to woo you right.


Virgo_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Finger pointing and name calling. Not the quiet Friday night dinner you were hoping for. Your inner circle reveals an unpleasant side. A side you didn’t know existed at all. Resist the urge to react, even though you may feel hurt by their actions and words. The best thing you can do right now is empathise. Try to understand what they are experiencing at the moment and where they are coming from.


Libra_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


You have a choice here, Libra! You can either continue doing that soul-sucking thing the world expects you to do or set off on your own journey. Become the boss of you. Yes, that means having to set up from scratch. Investing a lot more time and energy and being 100% responsible for everything. But you know what they say. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.


Scorpio_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


A close friend or family member, who has been away for a while, takes on a more active role in your life. Ah, the missing piece of the puzzle! What seems like a silly coffee and conversation to an outsider, actually has the potential to heal your soul. Such is the magic you create together!


Sagittarius_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Not everything that looks good on paper is necessarily good for you. Forget about that fancy degree and the fat pay cheque for a minute. Instead, think about the satisfaction you get from what you do. How would you rate it on the scale of 1 to 10? Anything less than 5 means what you’re doing is probably not in alignment with your soul journey. Ready to find a shift towards something that makes you happy and fosters growth?


Capricorn_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Not quite the happy ending you were hoping for? Painful as it is, we must accept the fact that not everybody is meant to walk the path with us forever. Everything really does happen for a reason. Once you address the pain, ask yourself why you attracted what you attracted in your life, in the first place. Let the process of self-healing begin.


Aquarius_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


What if I said that your presence is enough to light up the world? You have an uncanny way of making people feel at home wherever you are. Deep conversations lead to deep revelations. Ergo, deep healing. Hold the space for people to go within. Love, balance, and harmony define your relationships this week.


Pisces_Weekly Horoscope_July 24-30 2017_Hauterfly


Lady, you’re giver at heart. The act of loving and nurturing makes you feel completely at home. Relationships take centrestage this week. Enjoy the balance and harmony that come from being on the same page. Ready to create that beautiful home and even more beautiful memories together? There’s never been a better time to take the plunge.

Karishma Rajani

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