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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week Aries dons the jolly cap of team-player, and not just because you are working in sync with everyone around you but also you get along effortlessly with people outside the team. So even collaborative work would go seamlessly. This week is about indulging in creative pursuits without the forethought of a rewarding end. On the personal front there may be things troubling the waters as you may find yourself in a position of self-sacrifice. Are you stepping back and letting someone else take the lead? Is your indecisiveness getting the better of you?


This week for Taurus brings #goodvibesonly as the homefront sees a big celebration whether this is a reunion or a bigger family event – perhaps you’re finally tying the knot? If you’ve been setting up a new apartment this is the week for calling friends over! On the other hand, this is also a good time to toast your successes at work with close ones. However as always it’s important to maintain a balance and not allow other aspects of your life to take a backseat. Keep a to-do list at hand and make sure you prioritise accordingly.


This week finds Gemini on the right track both personally and professionally, minus all the drama! All your energy is focused on creative pursuits (and if it isn’t it should be) while also diving deeper within yourself and discovering new sides of yourself – both spiritually and sensually speaking. Think of it as one thing feeding the other, the better you know yourself the more your creativity flourishes. Keep an eye out for new opportunities that allow you to continue this process – whether it’s a professional project or a new place to travel to.


This week for Cancer brings a moment of celebration as all the time and energy you’ve invested over the past few weeks are coming to a fruitful end. However as much as this is a time of celebration and joy you’re also still equally focused on getting the best results in whatever you do. This strikes a perfect balance of celebrating your successes but also keeping a shrewd look at where you need to go from here.


This week for Leo is about the ultimate harmony, of the yin and yang coming together and working in sync with each other. Whether it’s the two sides of yourself, the rational and the creative, or a partner who tends to flow the opposite way, this is a time of finding middle ground and working alongside each other to see a successful end. Things that have been in motion for a while come to a fruitful end, giving due cause for celebration, whether this a work project or something on the home front.


This week for Virgo brings a reminder that sometimes life is unnecessarily complicated and that can happen from either our own tendency to overthink or external forces. Remember that for the most part you only have control over what you say and do, so you may as well spend time in doing things that make you happy. Go back to the drawing board, and we mean way back, what is something you’ve always wanted to do? Sign up for a weekend class, get your hands dirty, give in to things that bring you joy no matter how juvenile they seem. This is time to hit refresh and look at things as they are, without complications.


This week for Libra comes with a fair share of challenges, most importantly however, it calls for putting your feet up and allowing for time to flow at its own pace. Sure, there are dues owed to you, you’re exhausted from the neverending summer, maybe you even have clients who leave you hanging without answer. The thing is, these are matters not within your control so the uncertainty sprouting up inside regarding your future, is currently futile. Take this as a time of recentering yourself and preparing a few assertive emails to be sent out later.


This week for Scorpio brings an interesting change of pace. In both personal and professional relationships you’re investing everything you have, give your partner everything they want, supporting your teammates through everything. New and exciting opportunities are heading your way, particularly in the face of this positivity you’re giving out. However there’s a see of a doubt regarding the true intentions of the people around you. Are the ones you trust worthy of the trust you place in them?


This week for Sagittarius is bursting with new opportunities, particularly on the work front. This is a time to expand your horizons and shake the dust off of your skills because you never know which one you might need at any given time. While things at work have been comfortable and even great for the most part, the time has come to consider a new phase. Ask the veer important question: where am I going from here? While a job may seem ideal if there’s no room for growth it’s ultimately working against you.


This week Capricorn finds themselves at a crossroads, with an almost naive unwillingness to see things as they are and make the decision you ultimately know you have to make. In this partnership whether romantic or professional there’s been a sense of disloyalty, someone’s been slick and cheated you out of something unfairly. Not only is this causing stress in your relationship but also is a source of restlessness for you, while this is an act of pure selfishness on your partner’s behalf the fact that they’re a smooth talker is creating a resistance from your side to see things as they really are.



This week for Aquarius is one of extreme learning, of being open to the spiritual side of things in particular. But also, the energy is that of sharing this wealth of knowledge that you receive. In terms of your career think of this as a time when you’re ready to change your outlook and re-evaluate what you really want from the job. Is it more important to be financially secure or to be creatively and emotionally satisfied with the work you’re doing? Remain open to the new opportunities coming your way, they present learning lessons not just on professional fulfilment but also finding your inner happiness.



This week for Pisces is about taking stock of how far you’ve come in life, looking back at the achievements of the year and thinking of how you can give back. Whether you intend to volunteer somewhere or support a cause or local artisan the cards speak of an equivalent exchange of sorts. Think of it as earning to serve, of using your resources to bring positive change around you. How can you share what you have learned with those around you? Even in the workspace you find yourself in a position of mentoring those around you.


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