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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week for Aries is one of self-realisations. Although there are always going to be financial ups and downs, it is ultimately up to you to decide when to cut your losses and make a move on. The key is to be in control of your thoughts, they directly determine your actions – in the face of loss or disappointment, don’t give into the blues. Work on keeping yourself motivated, completely aligned with your goals and continue to dream big in spite of current circumstances.


This week for Taurus presents a timely word of caution, because the week may likely start off with a bang and bring in abundance. This week is basically a time of celebration, of the big payoff for months of hard work but in this time keep in mind to also save a portion of your rewards for a rainy day. With the Tower bringing in a sudden shift in energy, remember to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground particularly in terms of unexpected expenses coming up.


This week for Gemini brings you face to face with something you run a tendency to be uncomfortable with: the subject of money. On a more specific note this is with regards to savings and expenditures and simply how much time you spend justifying these to yourself. As with most things in life our finances tend to have ups and downs, and some days just turn out to be unexpectedly expensive for some random reason. The thing is that there’s a learning lesson here, perhaps the time has come for you to re-evaluate how you spend your money. Seek advice on how you can improve your savings plan! Until then ask a friend to fund your weekend cocktails.


This week for Cancer brings up a subject you love thinking about: the big plan! An ideal start to the coming weeks of festive debauchery would be to revisit your dream goals, whether this is a promotion or starting your own venture, or even simple body goals! Put one thing out of your mind and that is the outsiders’ perception, you are not and should not be expected to justify why you’re choosing to skip teen patti at parties or avoiding an extra serving of dessert. The ones who matter to you won’t be the ones judging you for this!


This week for Leo comes with a reality check, particularly if you’ve been feeling caged in over the past few days. First things first, what happens to a lion when it’s caged in? The lion lashes out – this is the first thing you need to avoid. Take a step back and analyse if the people around you are really responsible for you feeling limited and held back. The second thing to think about is this: are you starting to make excuses for your inability to do more or realise your full potential? Most often it’s the proverbial man in the mirror, we end up sabotaging our own growth without realising it. Take time this week to analyse what you can do to move forward, rather than getting caught up with where you are.


This week for Virgo is a real challenge, expect a time full of conflicts and roadblocks and circumstances that truly test your patience. Disappointment in your colleagues may lead to bitterness and a lacklustre dating life may cause heartbreak. Is there a reason you are attracting these situations and people in your life – whether subconsciously or otherwise? Why have you allowed yourself to reach this point where everything/everyone is a trigger? Put your sword down for the time being, and look inward for the answers and the way out.


This week for Libra comes with a self-realisation, basically you are the only one you need. And not that this is because you’ve been heavily disappointed by someone or there is a breach of trust coming your way. This week simply presents opportunities for you to be in charge, to set your own rules and do the work independently (whether this is housework, homework, or your dream career). It’s time to forget old qualms and quarrels and focus only on doing the work, when you’re doing it on your own you even have less distractions. This is also your divine blessing to buy new stationary and plan how to most effectively use your time!


This week for scorpio promises to be one riddled with conflict but also one that would test your inner resolve. When faced with a challenge or roadblock, what is your first reaction? If the answer lies in the same field as giving up, getting frustrated, harboring bitterness then this is your sign to focus on changing your emotional and thought patterns. Ultimately, we realise that these challenges are nothing more than cues for us to re-evaluate ourselves and to test the strength of our faith not just in our abilities but the ultimate goals we work toward.


Something that has been kept from you could come light, potentially breaking your heart in the process. The thing to remember is that while someone may let you down, it doesn’t reflect on you in any way because the only thing you are responsible for is your reaction to these underhanded activities. Avoid giving in to the side of you that calls for taking to the bed with curtains drawn, instead of shutting yourself off allow yourself to feel the pain. Only when you ride out the lows do you get to the highs again.


This week for Capricorn calls for a celebration. Consider yourself unbothered by the petty actions of others because you’re living your best life, manifesting the job of your dreams and in general moving on from the current situation to a better place in life. But before you get carried away with this feeling, know that it is all ultimately down to you to make this decision very consciously. Good things come only to those who actively hustle for them – even the Kardashians work for the money (well, for the most part).


This week for Aquarius is about giving in to the things that make you feel good, particularly in terms of your personal relationships – whether romantic of platonic. The basis of all bonds that last is trust, and you know you’ve found something good when you can place blind trust in your partner. You and your significant other work like magnets, mirroring each other in perfect sync. More importantly if you find yourself in a place of starting anew and moving past a heartbreak, this is a good week to take the first step (no matter how small) to something new.


This week for Pisces seems to continue the energy of the week that was, one of conflict just within but the feeling that the world is working against rather than with you. You seem to be ready with your sword at any moment but know that this energy only makes you weary after a point. The solution is to detach from the situation and spend some time on your own first figuring out what is triggering these feelings. Try taking a walk by the water, or take a weekend away and go to the hills. Give yourself a much needed break from the current circumstances.


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