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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week for Aries involves something you often tend to overlook: self-love. In the deepest sense, this is a period of healing yourself, resolving anxieties and experimenting with small practices that help center yourself. It’s a good time to plan a holiday, whether it’s a quick spa getaway for the weekend or a vacation at the end of the year. The message is clear: chill! Disengage from the things that get you worked up. Be receptive to what is being offered, take chances both in travel and in relationships!


The week ahead for Taurus promises to be fruitful, expect monetary returns for every project you’re pursuing. The time and energy you invest into the work is attracting the right investors and clients. Prepare yourself for the good life, this is a good time to indulge in things that make you happy – so long as you remember to maintain the overall balance. While you have much to celebrate the party should only go on for so long that it doesn’t take a toll on your health.


The focus word of the week for Gemini is TRUST. You know what happens when you constantly keep sweeping things under the rug so you can ‘deal with them later’? You end up with a big pile of unresolved situations and feelings that you can no longer run from! The first thing you gotta learn to trust is the bigger plan, the one that’s not in control and forever in motion. Trust your gut instincts, which is super sharp at this point.


This week for Cancer brings a learning lesson that sometimes a simple shift in perspective can completely change how you approach a situation, and in a larger scope life itself! Turn the problem on its head: instead of asking ‘why is this happening to me?’, understand what you need to learn from this. Remember who you are, i.e. someone not to be messed with. You are larger than your present circumstances.


This week for Leo is about healing your heart. When you open up and share what’s in your heart more so than being in danger of having your heartbroken, you learn the value of vulnerability. The lesson here is that you shouldn’t let go of that vulnerability. The way another person receives our feelings has nothing to do with anything else other than their own journey and life experiences. The result of repressing feelings is only more internal strife. Instead of walking around with a short fuse, focus on how you want to move on from this scenario.


This week presents an opportunity to move on from the internal chaos that has had your thoughts and emotions wrapped up as of late. The best thing to do here is to acknowledge that what is out of your control is essentially not your responsibility and therefore letting go of these situations is okay for you. What is in control is how you change your circumstances, be the hero rather than the victim.


This week for Libra is all about taking stances, your key learning this week is being mindful of your words. Moreover, be aware of the power of your words and only use them in situations where they’re valued. Know when to voice your opinion and when the argument is going in circles. If there’s a conflict that isn’t resolving itself either sit them down and talk it out so there’s no room for further discussion, or just put on headphones and do you! A beautiful romance may soon bloom, so keep your eyes open.


This week for Scorpio brings up a multitude of conflicts, particularly at the workplace. Now these don’t all have to necessarily be huge problems but it may feel like a constant uphill battle. The thing is, every time you have to prove yourself to those around you, the better you become in your skills! On top of that you’ll have what seems like more than a fair share of work to do but only when you’re trustworthy enough to handle the work is when it is handed to you. Enjoy the ride!


This week Sagittarius turns into a Hallmark card and is all about love. Like next level, Bollywood song-and-dance in your heart level love. And that’s because you’re in love yourself – this may not necessarily mean you have a lover in your life, self-love is often underrated. But this spirit is what inspires you to share your happy energy with the ones around you. Expect to be the agony aunt everyone harkens to for a good dose of advice.


This week for Capricorn is all about hitting refresh. That isn’t necessarily to say it’s ‘out with the old in with the new’ but more like looking at your present with a new perspective. One that’s unbiased by what’s happened in the past- particularly in matters of developing connections and love. On the work front expect delayed returns but don’t let that take away from how much time and energy you invest in your passion projects.


This week for Aquarius is all about finding middle ground, you find yourself in a position where it’s crucial to balance the spaces both at work and in your relationship. There may be friction between you and your partner, but trust that the bond you share will see you through because you’re equally invested in this. If there is an ensuing conflict with a colleague that’s turned your cabin into a warzone, the best way forward is only after careful consideration. Fight fire with kindness!


This week is time for you to let go of the reins and allow someone else to take charge for a change! Kick back and go with the flow – whether it’s deciding which restaurant to go to or what your next vacation should look like, allow your partner to make the decisions (and reservations). Where you need to pay attention is the work space in your life, this is a time of reassessing and this could have to do with the end of the year. Take stock of what you have achieved and the direction in which you are headed from here.


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