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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Well Aries, sometimes even best laid plans can blow up in your face. The thing is most often the way things flow isn’t in your control and so the one thing you can do is control your reaction to it. So this week give in and hand over the wheel to your inner child. Indulge in silly small things that make you happy, explore the lighter side of things and don’t be afraid to keep a playful approach. Trust what’s coming up for you, you’re on your way to start a new journey!


The week may bring its share of chaos for you Taurus but even in the eye of the storm you have the power to remain calm. Life is offering you a chance to remain focused on the creative side of things whether this is a distraction or an artistic solution to the problem. Indulge in learning something new, perfect the techniques and you’ll see how sometimes focusing on a small square or the cloth can turn into a beautiful tapestry. Sign up for a workshop, take classes, get your hands dirty.


The path this week is simple Gemini, you’re behind the wheel and there are enough signs on the path to guide you away from that which isn’t good for you – no matter how attractive it looks. This week is a time of healing, letting go of the past and allowing for old wounds to scab and fade. Focus on the future and how you can align yourself with where you want to be 365 days from now.


Look at you shining bright Cancer! This week as you reflect on how far you’ve come be sure to take stock of all the things you’ve achieved and acknowledge that you’re in the final chapter of this journey. All the hard work is paying off and so it’s time to chill. More importantly allow yourself to focus only on you and filter out all the superficial stuff. See what you really want from life, this is a time of emerging and coming into oneself.


Do you ever feel like you’re driving on a road but you have no clue where you’re actually going? Well this week, Leo, you’re driving a right hand drive on a left hand lane. The general vibe is one of confusion, you seem to be losing clarity not just of where you’re headed on your current path but also of what you want in life in the long run. Judgment may feel clouded as you’re not in the mindspace to make decisions, this is a time to trust your instincts. Whether they tell you to switch your phone off or say yes to every party invite, just go with the flow.


Okay Virgo, this is a time of shedding doubts and skepticism and listening to the inner voice that guides you. As much as you deny it this is a divine guidance, and all you have to do is allow for things to unfold as per the grand design. Should you ever feel like you’re fighting alone, just lift your head and look around at the abundance of support you have at your behest. On the love front things take a turn, and for the better, where it’s less about the physical attraction and more about how you can solidify your love for each other. Again, allow your partner to be your pillar of strength and vice versa.


Well well Libra, if you’ve been contemplating a quiet holiday season consider this your green light from the powers that be. Instead of keeping up social appearances take to the hills – because at this time of year even the beaches are bustling. Journey inwards and seek answers to questions you’ve considered to be in the past. Address the issues you’ve been sweeping under a rug, mend bonds that need mending, and what needs to be gotten rid of just flush it away.


As the year comes to an end expect one last round of chaos Scorpio. This is a week that’ll defintiely test your resolve whether in a relationship or professionally, unexpected changes and last minute roadblocks are to be expected. The only thing you have control over is how you rise from the fire. There is an opportunity to refresh your perspective, for true spiritual growth only should you allow yourself to evolve.


With your indomitable wanderlust spirit Sagittarius, the message this week is simply to listen! There are higher powers working in your favour and your only way to make this work is by truly absorbing the words of your colleagues and friends. Listen to their perspective, understand the wisdom and filter in whatever works and resonates with you. You’re starting a new journey, one that allows you to quench that thirst for adventure. Your motto: just ride.


Okay Capricorn this week all the hiccups seem to be clearing away on the love front and you can expect the holiday season to be most interesting. Treat this phase as the ending of all turbulent times and prepare yourself for the good that’s coming your way. Once you’re open to receiving you’ll automatically attract people who love you the right way, the way you deserve. Tap into your inner beyonce and end the year like a goddess!


This season is all about spending time with the people you love, with family and friends who feel like family. Whether it’s hosting lunch with the whole gang or planning a vacation together, the mood is of coming together and celebrating the good vibes all around. This is also a good time to draw up a map of how you want the year ahead to look, where you want to be 365 days from now.


As the song goes, Pisces, when the world was at war we just kept dancing. Where you’ve dealt with all varieties of bad habits, toxic behaviour patterns, and absolutely terrible lovers with the ending of the year comes the time to end all of this. Hold on to your true guiding light, honestly it could be a person it could be a book, it’s up to you. Learn from the past and emerge valiant on the other side!


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