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Your 2018 Horoscope Predictions, Revealed!

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Are you wondering what 2018 has in store for you? What will your relationships, career, finances, health and family look like? Well, our in-house tarot expert brings you the manual to navigate this new year and make the most of it! Here goes…


Shine on, Aries. This new year brands you as the official Starboy! The Star is a card that talks of healing the inner self, of moving past the people and things that tripped you up in the past and allowing yourself to look to the sun with renewed hope. This is a time of massive personal transformation, a chance at opening up to where the inner compass is guiding you. There is a strong desire to find a new purpose in life – a time to surround yourself with the kind of people who bring a greater meaning and purpose to your existence. The cards literally are telling you to trust in yourself, rebuild that self esteem and sharpen those mighty ram horns. The Three of Pentacles hints at a new partnership (with a heavy note of flirtation) that finds its way to you through a creative venture, maybe that last Instagram post even! This is someone who has a lot to give and you have an opportunity to learn a lot from them. So, don’t be afraid to take it to a coffee bar and talk all things books, art, and business.

On the work front there’s a Wheel of Fortune that comes full circle and talks of past efforts and energy investment coming to a fruitful end – success and recognition of all that hard work is coming your way so take it with a gracious smile. Consider this a turning point, a time where all your karmic dues are being righted as reinforced by Justice. Keep in mind that all your actions have consequences. So, while you’re riding high with a crown on your head, don’t be cocky about it. Remember that the wheel keeps forever turning though, so there’s both champagne toasts and a return to hustle mode in equal measure. You’re at your creatively-charged peak. This is the time to reinforce your long-term goals even as the laurels and rewards come in, invest in recharging your batteries and never underestimate the satisfaction of a day of hard work!


Alright, Taurus, let’s lay the cards out as they are. This year speaks a lot of self-exploration and being honest with yourself. The Seven of Swords talks of deception. Being on the wrong side of a situation that forces you to be on stealth mode, to hide your texts, delete DMs and take calls on the sly. Relationships seldom work out when one partner no longer feels the love or goes looking for attention elsewhere. So, it’s time to come clean before the energy is completely drained out. The Fool talks of new beginnings, a period of embracing your inner free spirit, and like Ferdinand the bull, running through a field smelling the flowers. Explore your creative side and tap into the spontaneity that makes you the magnet of good energy that you are.

In your workplace things are on fire! The Queen of Wands sets you off on a high note with ironclad determination and being the charging force at work that attracts attention of your superiors. Trust that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and the skills you’ve developed are impressing everybody. The Nine of Swords hints at moments of insecurity – which are always welcome because they can lead you to evaluate your self and the professional space you are in. Take time to recharge your batteries before you run out. This could be literally as simple as spending a day just reading in a cafe (if you can find a quiet one). Chalk out an end goal, so that it doesn’t feel as though you’re driving yourself crazy working hard but going nowhere. With that clarity and vision you’re well on your way to winning – in life and at work!


The New Year brings a set of learning lessons. The Seven of Pentacles signifies a decline in the affection you feel towards your partner. There seems to be a barrier tripping you up in matters of the heart. You will find yourself questioning whether it is worth your while to continue investing time and energy into a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. This is the time to open communication lines and talk things out. Any infidelity whether on your part or theirs is bound to come out sooner or later, and if things need to inevitably end, it may be the best to part on amicable terms. Know that there will be a period of pain and grief. Change is never easy, but it is the best place to rebuild yourself from the ground up. It is an opportunity to learn from mistakes and reach out to the friends who’d support you.

On the work front, you channel the absolute masculine energy of the Emperor. This is a sign of you being the centre of attention, but you’re also in control, sergeant! You’ve worked your way to a position where you have the ability to motivate people and drive them with your clear vision and ambition. The Ten of Cups promises ultimate happiness with your professional space. You are exactly where you want to and are meant to be! This is a good time to bring your colleagues together to make the best of your projecT. Building a community inculcates a sense of purpose and is sure to renew your own vision. However, being in such a place also means that any mistakes you may make, any wrong choice, bad decision, you can’t hide from it. Lead by example and own up to it with both your team and your superiors, if there’s anyone who can make it work to their advantage – it’s you!


Claws up, Cancer! This new year seems to be your year all the way! With the Lovers comes the promise of harmony between you and your partner, one that goes beyond the everyday sort of connect into a more definitive alignment of values and long term commitment. But even as you mature into a dreamy stable stage of partnership there is no shortage of that initial spark of pure lust that drew you together. The beauty of this harmony is that your complimenting energies translate both inside the bedroom and out! The Empress – the obvious penultimate in feminine energy, and a sign that you should harness your inner goddess – hints at a possible change in dynamics. Maybe this is the year you move in with your partner, or maybe go down on one knee.

On the work front, we see the roses literally blooming for you. The Ten of Cups is a card of harmony – everything working your way – because you’re doing the thing that satisfies you creatively and financially. This card also encourages you to follow your intuition where opportunities may present themselves. So, if there’s a possibility to grow your business, this is the year. Expect some vacation time overseas, but never forget to pack your boss man/boss lady hat because you never know who might turn into an international liaison. These foreign connections might be your in on the scene! But as with everything else in life, there are ups and downs, and in moments of self doubt, be sure to disengage from the situation. A stressed mind often makes the wrong decisions, and in a year where the opportunities of growth are limitless, you can’t be the one holding you back.


Roar on all the way through 2018, Leo. With the Queen of Wands leading you, this is the year of absolute fierceness and meeting every challenge with squared shoulders and a dazzling smile. The same holds true for love, because you are on fire! There’s a lot of attention coming your way so be sure to make the most of it, love in its purest form can often come from the purest of lust. Don’t get too carried away though, because this dance of power can often spark anger and flare up egos among the most stable partners as well – a reminder provided by the Six of Pentacles. Strive to maintain a balance in your relationship, and we don’t just mean taking turns choosing a restaurant for date night. In this moment of fiery passion (which will always translate into the workplace as well), make sure you’re also giving time to the people who matter. Take half the day off and cook your partner a meal, call your friends over and have a movie marathon. Switch it up and do the dishes for once – watch your partner melt in your capable hands!

Now in your professional space, there seems to be some incongruity with this energetic and powerful demeanour. While the Two of Wands talks of technicolour sparks of new ideas, you might have to take them to the next level by setting down an actual plan – a roadmap to expansion if you may. Now this could range from setting a long-term goal at your current office or maybe applying for that course you’ve been thinking of; we’re never opposed to travelling overseas for this! However, the Nine of Swords signals strong signs of trepidation, stress, even the terrible brand of anxiety that could keep you up at night. Keep your eyes open for people around you who could be holding you back – it could just be yourself. It could be a fear of failure, but trust that this is the right time to take a leap of faith because you have all the tools to succeed wherever you take this energy.


In some ways, beginning with the card of Death is the best for you, Virgo. It symbolises the end of a cycle, of a way of thinking, a shedding of skin to usher in the new year and a new you – the best self you can actualise. This does, however, signal to an ending of a relationship, cutting the cord whether by your hands or having to deal with separation from your significant other. But the beauty of this bitter pill is that it’s a new beginning from hereon. While we often recede into our shell in times of hurt and grief, they are the best opportunities to grow stronger, to learn lessons and know when to prioritise yourself before somebody else. The Six of Pentacles talks of selflessness, so when you call on friends to help you get through this time, allow for a space of equal sharing of affection. Give as good as you get!

On the work front, you seem to have all the right cards with The Lovers promising a mutually beneficial, motivating, and gratifying partnership. If you’ve been planning to collaborate with a friend on a project – this is the right time to kickstart it. There’s a brilliant and equal flow of energy, and when two heads are put to task, you’ll bring out the best in each other. A word of caution though — while avoiding conflict completely is never possible, try to deal with any difference of opinions with a calm, cool head. A peaceful work environment isn’t just good for the task at hand, but also will strengthen your bond because of the massive potential at play here.


This is the new year, Libra. Your cup runneth over! But in matters of the heart, there’s much to be considered with the Six of Cups signaling the return of someone from your past, invoking a strong sense of nostalgia. Now this could be positive in the way of an old friend who might hit you up for a dinner date – this time don’t make up an excuse because in the past you might not have given them a chance! It could also signal the return of an old lover, which in this case also brings into play the Queen of Cups – a reminder that your big heart and free love can often land you in sticky situations. Give second chances where they’re warranted, and where they’re not, put your sunglasses on and walk out of that Starbucks like nothing happened! This is the lesson reinforced by the Queen of Swords, while emotions have their place you must embrace your rational and assertive tendencies as well.

When it comes to your career, the Ace of Cups is your reminder that you’re on the right track, and what you’re doing brings you happiness and fulfills your life’s purpose. The biggest takeaway from this card is that when following the path of something you’re this passionate and driven about, there is no room for doubt or burnout because you wholeheartedly embrace your journey. The card of Strength reinstates your roaring energy. Channel it with the right clarity into whatever you’re working on and watch them succeed. While the reward may not be instantaneous, remember, delayed gratification can often be the best. Think of it like a cheque clearing just when rent is due rather than when you’re hungover shopping online. The Five of Swords hints at an error in communication, maybe the last mail you sent came off as condescending, maybe there were expectations not met. The key here is to use your charm and make the situation work in your favour; sort it out over a cup of tea. Open conversation is key in helping you here.


Well, Scorpio, sometimes things are sweet and sometimes life’s a bitter pill. The Three of Swords hits hard with a painful separation, maybe even rejection, which has the power to shake things up within. The thing to remember here is that grief, no matter how hard it hits, is always temporary, and this isn’t an excuse to ring up your old lover for a quick rebound. There’s a chance of falling back into old ways, going back to the dark place, but pain is the perfect opportunity for growth. Take this as a learning lesson, and know what you need to avoid when it comes to love. The Nine of Pentacles offers a ray of hope in that eventually everything’s coming up roses for you – you’ll find your way back to the good life!

The Ten of Cups signals the ultimate alignment in your life. Happiness and harmony are literally everywhere you look with family coming together and reconnecting. Take time out to catch up on everything they’ve been up to for the past year! Hit up your squad and go for a night on the town. On the work front, this is a good time to take stock of your achievements and motivate yourself and those around you to continue in the efforts. The card of Strength, while obviously talks of your insane perseverance and iron willpower, is also the card of compassion, of patience and allowing the people around you to work at their own pace. So if you’re starting a new project, do so with composure.


This year for Sagittarius is all about listening to the heart, reconnecting with your inner voice and using that to your advantage. The Hermit is a card that comes across a little aloof at times but really this is a great way to start the new year. This is a period of looking inward, of analysing your emotions and focusing solely on yourself. Trust that whatever has brought you to this point, whether heartbreak or betrayal from a friend, you’re on the path to healing yourself – only so long as you’re able to express yourself. The time is ripe to pick up a new skill, start a new project and get your hands dirty, but at the same time, you have to listen to what your heart wants. Let the right energy in, whether it is in matters of your profession or your heart.

The Two of Pentacles forewarns of a difficulty in balancing things out. Try to take on one task at a time, because even for mastering your trade, you gotta learn it bit by bit. The Heirophant signals a massive learning period, which might also be a great way to break out of your shell this year, find what you really want to do and get the manual. Reach out to someone who can help you. Mentors are often just a quick email away from changing your life!


Oh Capricorn, this is the year we break our cycles and listen to Gucci’s words of wisdom – Blind For Love. Okay, maybe not to that extent, but you get the point. The King of Swords has a tendency to focus on the rational side of things, and more often than not, ignore the love that comes your way. This is the card that speaks of power and authority, and while that’s a great energy to start every day with, it can come off as rather detached, especially if someone’s trying to woo you. Be wooed. Trust your instincts on this – no need to make hasty decisions, but there’s also no room here for past mistakes to taint your decision. Mull it over a glass of wine with your close friends. You’re already in the presence of someone who’s there to heal your heart.

On the work front, the Four of Cups signals disappointments – but don’t gasp just yet, because the cups also offer opportunities. There’s opportunity to take this disappointment as a learning lesson to not repeat mistakes – break the old pattern. This is definitely the year where new habits work in your favour! There’s also an opportunity here that is the right one, the one you’ve been waiting for. So, keep your eyes open because they seldom stick around waiting to be scooped up. As always trust your inner circle of friends to be there for you, maybe even help in find the right project to take up. Find the one that creatively and emotionally fulfills you, not just a means to an end. There’s more to adulthood than paying bills and that is the ability to do what really drives you!


This year, it’s all about going with the flow, Aquarius! The Three of Cups sets you off on a high note, both in creative terms, and in matters of the heart. Expect good times with your friends coming together, and maybe a special summer lover. This is the time to put yourself out there, spend time with your squad, take a cousins-only trip, and find the balance between work commitments and fun. The Knight of Pentacles provides a reminder that with all this going on, you still gotta be your most reliable self, someone whom your colleagues can bank on, who’ll answer the 3am distress call. No promises, but that 3am call might turn into a date. The Emperor suggests commitment but there’s no harm in taking things slow. Loyalty is great, but jumping the gun and saying the L word isn’t. Slow and steady.

On the work front, this is a year of abundance, of past efforts and struggles coming to fruition. You’re getting your dues and that’s great, but this is also the time to set new things in motion – if you and a friend have been thinking of collaborating on a project, go right ahead! Those with an affinity to the limelight might find themselves in the spotlight, so bring your A-game and thousand-watt smile. There’s a definite involvement of the family here, so this is a good time to reconnect and trace back your roots, to take care of the family and just see if they’ve got all they need. Nobody says no to a family road trip! There’s a chance someone wants to retire and have you replace them. Keep your eyes open for subtle hints.


Okay, Pisces, remember how we thought 2017 would be great, and then it wasn’t? Well, this year, we’re going in without any such expectations. On the love front, there’s a lot going on with the Five of Pentacles foretelling a significant loss in the materialistic sense – most likely trouble on the financial front. A time of solitude and possible unemployment may seem like a setback, especially in the current state of affairs where success is equated to money and how one flaunts it, but take this as a humbling lesson. Use this time to connect with your partner, even though it feels like you’re the only one putting in all the work sometimes. Now as the storm clears out – and you’ve got to buck down and weather it out – a new era for you dawns with the Six of Pentacles. If for nothing else, you come out of this proud of your willpower and determination to succeed. On the love front, this is your ultimate victory year.

With the Knight of Swords comes a cautionary tale. When we have a dream project that we’re willing to invest all our time and energy into, something that speaks straight to the heart, we tend to go at it guns a-blazing. What tends to happen here is that we miss out on seeing possible roadblocks, things that could trip you up. Keep your eyes wide open and draw out a road map before you charge off into the horizon. Schedule inspiration, no really, take out the time to spend in solitude and really connect with your self. Find out what you want out of the year, and chart your course from there. Self-evaluation goes a long way in helping you rid yourself of the ghosts of the past (applies to an ex-lover and an ex-job). Trust that you have the tools in hand for this, the emotional stability and inimitably unbiased intelligence. Important thing to remember here is that you’ve got to prioritise yourself this year!


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