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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


The overreaching message this week is a call to arms, to put up your defences Aries. In the guise of a friend or well-wisher mischief will come knocking at your door and allowing them in will only create chaos. Could you be a troublemaker in your own right? This is also a time to reflect on your self-destructive ways, whether these have more emotional or tangible repercussions. Break free from patterns that no longer serve your growth.


It’s all eyes on you Taurus, this is a week of gaining recognition not just for your personality but for the amount of time and energy you have invested in making your vision come to reality. And don’t worry, you have been prepared to receive these rewards and due success not just intangible forms but also as appreciation from your superiors and peers.


Sometimes life feels like an uphill battle and this week is no less Gemini, you may be feeling worn out by pushing against the flow and that’s the problem, you’re fighting the natural flow of things. This is a time of laying low, and truly finding your inner strength in this period of inaction. Take this as a sign of week-long rest and relaxation!


The way of life is that it always flows and is never still, so expect your fair share of ups and downs – this is an important test of your patience, Cancer. We all have a tendency to be swayed by things when they don’t go in our favor but this is a time of focusing on the good, work on improving your interpersonal relationships and build a stronger community that supports you when you’re down. Basically, it’s time to return the barrage of phone calls.


The week ahead is a lesson in going with the flow Leo, even when the storm breaks and you’re smack dab in the eye of it, you hold on to your inner peace. You have found your source of strength and calm that cannot be shaken by even the darkest chaos. Keep those close to you who are your source of groundedness and light. It’s only this that will be your guide to resolving conflicts and overcoming challenges.


There is a deeper shift happening this week than just a promotion or a new apartment for you Virgo. These changes have more lasting impacts and are closely aligned with your vision of the future – in that you must look around you and rid yourself of the things and people and behavior patterns that do not serve in your forward movement down this road. Prepare yourself for the journey towards your higher purpose!


Your cup runneth over Libra, in more ways than one. Not only are you attracting potential partners with the right sensibility and stability but you have also primed yourself to attract mature relationships and connections. On the other hand, this is also a time to mature about work commitments and get down to the task list you’ve been putting off for another time. There is no right time, the time is now!


There’s no beating around the bush that the week ahead is a testing time for you Scorpio! Consider this a period of confronting your worst fears, but also think about this: what is the worst that can happen? So long as you hold on to your inner peace, you will remain unfazed. Look at the situation rationally and cut the cord that needs severing. This is the time to move on.


Every day is a day of self-care for you Sagittarius, except this healing takes place outside the body – particularly in your relationships with people you hold close. Solidify your bonds and mend wherever there may be miscommunications – this is a space of mutual understanding and support. Those looking to take their relationship to the next level may want to start shopping for rings.


As you have reached the end of one project, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rewards and recognition coming your way. While the success of one is sweet, this is also a time to think onward Capricorn, where do you want to go from here? From the list of projects you wanna do, which is the next one you choose to invest your time and energy in? Even the top of the world can be a great starting point for something new.


For Aquarius the whole week ahead is #SelfCareSunday. You have more than your fair share of troubles popping up, overlapping even, and you can expect to be pushed to the limit physically and emotionally in trying to deal with this. But there is love on the horizon, possibly even closer than you think to help salve these wounds. And if you want to be your own lover, there’s no better to way heal than from the inside out.


You have the whole world at your behest Pisces, and a partner to rule alongside it but how do you keep life interesting when everything is routine? This week is your time to plan holidays with bae or better yet a vacation to find a bae! The point is things won’t magically happen, you gotta hustle to make them work – and always keep moving forward!


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