How I Found Love At A Dessert Shop

How I Found Love At A Dessert Shop

Anyone who has known me for even a minute will know that I don’t do sweets. It’s not that I’m dieting or want to lose weight, I just don’t have a sweet tooth.

Shocked? I’ll give you a second to breathe.

Now that you’re with me, let me tell you that recently I stopped by The Bombay Churros in Bandra, Mumbai and instantly fell in love… with their loop churros!

The sweet dough goodies were so delicious that I might just reconsider my stance on desserts. Plus, this place spoils you with tonnes of options! Whether it’s a simple churro with a yummy dip, the one that’s drizzled with Nutella or those that come with vanilla ice cream – it’s a heaven for those who love ‘em sweet!

They also have premium desserts that are worth checking out. Located on the oh-so-busy lane of Carter Road, next time you stop by to stroll along the seafront, think of getting yourself a Spanish dessert for company.

And if you’re still not convinced, watch the video above and write your own… oops… eat your own love story!

Japleen Kaur

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