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How Butter Chicken Put This Chef’s Career In Third Gear

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If you haven’t heard of Saransh Goila’s trending #GoilaButterChicken yet, you need to step out from that rock you’ve been hiding under. The country is going ga-ga over this young chef’s delicious take on a traditional recipe, and it’s not hard to see why. Enter “Saransh Goila” in Google search and the first thing that will pop up is butter chicken — he’s that synonymous with the dish. The story goes that when he first moved to Mumbai from Delhi a little over two years ago, he happened to cook some butter chicken for his housewarming party. It was such a success that a food blogger guest gave it the now well-known hashtag and things haven’t been easy since then (in a perfectly good way, of course)!

Cut to the present and the celebrity chef now brings you his special Butter Chicken via a brand new delivery and takeaway joint in Andheri, called Goila Butter Chicken (naturally). The service will launch on June 24, and there will be more than his famous butter chicken on offer. Keep scrolling to know the deets!



Anda Ghotala

What made you so passionate about cooking?
I was always a foodie; I grew up watching my grandmother cook and had always been enticed watching chef Sanjeev Kapoor on TV. The kitchen naturally became my retreat from a very young age.

What was the first dish you ever cooked?
Aloo parathas! I made them along with my uncle for 20 people at a wedding.

What has your journey been like so far?
It’s been a blessing, almost like a dream come true! Coming from Delhi and being all of 30, I have a food show to my name, a travelogue, a cookbook, and now a restaurant too. Although I aspire to achieve more, I am grateful for all that I have accomplished so far.


Butter Panner

Paneer Makhanwalla

How did your famous Goila Butter Chicken come about?
Honestly, the will to revive authentic flavours triggered it. What made it “infamous” of course, was Mumbai’s acceptance and love for this smoky reinvention of butter chicken!

What is that one ingredient or technique that makes this recipe so famous?
The conscious decision to adhere to all ingredients au naturel and the special smoking of the chicken is what sets GBC apart from the rest. I add very little butter and no cream — which makes it a great and guilt-free indulgence!


VEG Roll
The Burrito Style Indian Rolls


What are your future plans? Any more wonderful recipes in the making?
My future plan is to make GBC a global name! Lots of new  and exciting recipes can be found on my website, many my own and many inspired. At my new takeaway and delivery service, there will be more than just butter chicken on offer. There’s also 24/7 black dalsindhi mutton, beetroot tikki chaatanda ghotalarajma chawal, and burrito style Indian rolls.

What would you like to say to all the other aspiring chefs out there?
As the markets are opening up and people are becoming increasingly willing to invest in a good living, this is the best time to be a chef in India. Chefs are held in high regard and are equated with the likes of actors and cricketers these days .Nevertheless, it is a  tough industry and requires a lot of handwork. So if you are passionate about it and ready to over come any hurdle that comes your way, go for it!

Address: Goila Butter Chicken, 26 Sai Kanwal Complex, Near DN Road Metro Station, Indira Nagar, JP Road, Andheri (W)


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