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Raw Pressery’s New Range Is Something Grandmums Will Approve Of!

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Raw Pressery is good health. This juice brand is big on producing a variety of juices that’ll keep you lean and fit. From the detox range to the fresh juices one, I’d like to get my hands on everything!

And now, with the monsoons having taken the city by storm, everybody seems to be falling sick. We’re all in dire need of a health fix. Well, Raw Pressery has introduced a simple cure. And guess what? It’s something that your grandmother will highly approve of!


Say hello to the turmeric version of their cold-pressed juice — Heal. Turmeric was and still is every grandmother’s solution to poor health or cuts and scrapes, right? Heal is a healthy combination of cayenne pepper, coconut milk and pineapple. This particular version can help boost your immunity and balance your blood sugar levels. The bottle is tiny (125 ml to be precise) and is something you can guzzle down quickly, especially if you can’t stand the taste of turmeric. However, considering it’s supposed to be great for you, and most healthy things aren’t tasty, I’d sure love to give it a try!

Another version that you should try if you’re feeling up to it is called Pure. It comprises wheatgrass juice and pineapple, and is just as healthy as the turmeric version. However, if turmeric and healthy greens is just not your cup of tea, opt for the new fruit juice range called Basic. From fresh orange juice (note: it’s pressed from fresh Spanish oranges) to the cholesterol busting pomegranate juice, they serve it all. Chugging down a bottle while you eat some breakfast, is ideal.

If that’s not enough, their juices have no added preservatives or artificial sugar. Healthy and delicious? I’d say, bring it on!

Place your orders now, on their website.


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