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Marbled Desserts Are Now A Thing And They Look Fantastic!

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Marble has been everywhere in recent times. In mugs, in fashion, in home décor items and, finally, in cakes! There is something about this smooth and glossy rock that speaks to the inner designer in us all. It’s not hard then to see why it’s being used on such a large scale today, across so many categories.

But if you thought that this just stopped at marbled cakes, think again! Marble has arrived to take the confectionery world by storm. Bakers across the globe have begun to incorporate the texture of marble in not just cakes, but other sweets as well. From cupcakes to donuts, marble is everywhere! The striking effect is created by pouring multiple colours into the batter with accuracy, or by pouring multiple colours onto the dessert as icing, with perfect precision.

End result? Dessert that looks glossy, gorgeous and too good to eat! If I haven’t whet your appetite already, there’s more to come! Scroll on to find the most delicious-looking marbled desserts on Instagram.


Cupcakes made for Stacy’s Baby Shower today ?

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Pastel chocolates #? #Homemade #Ombre #GoldLeaf #MarbledChocolate

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