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You Won’t Believe What People Are Topping Up Their Tea With!

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Food trends are probably the most bizarre, yet pretty cool things that the interweb comes up with. Fortunately for us, there are people who are bold and daring enough to go where no one’s gone before and create certain combinations that regular folk would never ever think of.

To prove that, the current trending food is various teas that are topped with cheese. Don’t rub your eyes, I did write cheese! If you’ve heard of Boba tea, you’d know that the Southeast Asians have quite the experimental tastebuds, and now they’ve gone a step further.

The trend began in Taiwan and trickled to China, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Hong Kong. So what is it all about?

Basically, the topping is made from cheese or cheese powder, that is mixed with other dairy products and turned into a thick whipped formula. The point of this is to add a savoury and salty element to the tea, in order to balance out the flavours.

Sounds a little gross, but it looks pretty cool! Would you be daring enough to try this cheesy tea?




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