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WATCH: 6 Easy Tricks To Make Cooking Super Fun!

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For some people, the weekend means partying and getting sloshed, while for others it’s about staying in your PJs and cooking a hearty meal. Not all of us are experts, yes, but you should always try, right? And to make sure that you do exactly that, this weekend, here is a video that will make you take that walk to the kitchen. Whether it’s making your boring spaghetti look more interesting or giving boiled eggs a makeover, the 6 easy tricks in this video are sure to win your heart.

The best part? They are actually doable and not like the usual videos that make it seem like a 3-year old could master those skills, but end up being a disaster in reality. Among all the ingredients that this YouTuber uses, I think the only one you would have to buy is the food colouring, which is available at all the grocery stores or you can shop it here.

The video is by the channel How To Make Sushi and if you want to see new tricks and hacks on anything and everything related to food, you should certainly hit subscribe!


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