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6 #HauteHacks That’ll Turn You Into A Pro In The Kitchen!

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Cooking is a tricky business. Some people are born master chefs and can tell you the difference between cutting and chopping in a 1,000-word essay. While others believe making Maggi noodles is a lifetime achievement. To some, it works as therapy; they forget all their worries when they cook. For the rest, it’s a task. But at some point in life, we all have to enter the kitchen and make something more than just tea!

For all the lazy heads, working moms, students staying alone and peeps who love to cook, here are some simple food hacks that will make your life infinitely easier. So much so, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think about these before.

1. Use a spoon to open tight lids

Pickle, jam, sauce jars are often very difficult to open. You can go to the next door uncle for help or just use a spoon to do it. Use the back of a spoon and apply pressure on the lid from below. Keep rotating and within seconds the lid will loosen up and open.

2. Freeze overripe bananas

Most of us throw away bananas that have black spots on them, but really, why waste a perfectly good thing? Make some good use of them by simply chopping them into bite-sized chunks and lining them on wax or parchment  paper. Then put them in a ziplock bag and freeze. You can then use them in desserts or to make a smashing smoothie!

3. prevent gooey things from sticking

Measuring things like honey and syrups can be a task as they stick to the spoons and make a mess. To avoid that, use a nonstick spray on the spoons or other utensils you’re using. Any sticky food will immediately  come off without you getting frustrated. Another option would be to lick them clean, but that is only while using Nutella, right?!

4. Put onions in cold water

No one has the potential to make you cry like an onion does! To stop the unnecessary waterworks, cut the onion in four parts and immediately drop the pieces in a bowl of cold water. Wait for a minute or two and then happily chop away, without any tears!

5. Wet your fingers to remove egg shells

This happens to me almost every week! I break an egg to whisk a fluffy omelette but small bits of shell end up in the bowl. The process to remove them is an irritating one, but this trick can make the process a lot easier. Just wet your finger tips and remove the shell. The egg won’t stick to your fingers and you can enjoy your breakfast without any crunchy bits.

6. Use rice to clean the mixer

There are always bits of ground spices or grains stuck at the bottom of the grinder after you’re done using it. It is a mammoth job to remove them. But who knew uncooked rice was the solution?! Take some rice and put it in the mixer. Grind them into a powder and remove. You will see the spices have also cleared up with the rice grains. You can then wash or wipe the grinder like you usually do. Easy!


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