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5-Minute Workouts That Will Give You A Sexy, Toned Back!

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Who said backless tops were only meant for summer? With the wedding season right here, it’s really difficult to ignore the bold style. Backless outfits are all the rage this season, and since you are going to be opting for the trend, why not spend five minutes of your day bringing that sexy back, back?

While most people focus all their workout energy on their midriff, thanks to the cropped cholis and sexy saree blouses, they tend to ignore the other parts of their body. By working your back muscles, you not only bring it back into shape, but you also tone your back, making your backless cholis look even more sexy.

Since we understand the importance of finding time in your daily schedule to work out (between all the weddings, parties, and celebrations), here are 3 really quick 5-minute workouts that will help you achieve that curvy, toned, and super sexy back for your backless outfits!


1. The Lower Back Workout

Focusing on your lower back, this workout stretches the lower part of your spine. The simple routine is quite easy-to-do right in the comfort of your home.

This is perfect if you choose to wear a slightly lower cut lehenga, or a deep-cutout backless dress.


2. The Standing Workout

No gym, no equipment. This standing workout burns away the phone-neck and hunchback with a couple of standing moves.

Stretching out your upper, lower, and mid-back, this quick burn will work all those back muscles, making them ready to face the world!


3. The Two-In-One Workout

Get on a mat and work both, those ab muscles and your back muscles! Giving you an overall burn that will let you flaunt that sexy back, as well as a toned midriff, this workout is a little more difficult compared to the rest.

Since you are working on two areas with one routine, the results are pretty worth all that huffing and puffing!


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