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#FitnessOnYourPhone: 6 Apps To Keep You Fit All Year Long

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Your phone can not only help you keep up to date with the current events but get fit, too. Yes, it is true! With an ocean of applications on that tiny gadget that you can easily hold in the palm of your hand, you can bring some of them to your benefit.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or keep a check on your diet, take a look at some of the best apps you can download on your phone. These apps will count your calories, record your workout duration and intensity, and make you stretch a bit more.

Go ahead and download these fitness apps for a healthy and fit you.


1. MyFitnessPal

Whether you want to lose weight or want to tone up, this app is an easy way to help count your calories. All you have to do is, maintain a record of what you ate during the entire day, how much liquid you consumed, and what kind of exercises you did. The app will add up all the calories, and it will reduce the amount if you have worked out.

Available on Android and iOS

7 minuteworkout

2. 7 Minute Workout

One of the best applications when you want to lose weight or simply maintain it. You can opt for different intensity and kinds of workout – from easy workouts to intense full-body workouts. You can easily personalize the exercises you want to do on a particular day. If you are not in a mood for a full-body workout, there are other options like leg day, abs workout, butt workout, and arm workout.

Available on Android


3. HealthifyMe

Easily track your meals along with the nutrition intake with the help of this app. It also provides you with your very own fitness, nutrition, and yoga coaches who will help motivate you and keep your progress in check all the time. Now, it is easy to get fit, eat better, and lose weight!

Available on Android and iOS


4. Runtastic

Boost your running and reach your fitness goal with this GPS running app. It is a perfect app to record cardio like walking, jogging, cycling, and running. Set goals and achieve them easily with this amazing application.

Available on Android and iOS


5. Daily Yoga

What is a workout without yoga, right? Whether you are a beginner or someone who does advanced yoga, it is a perfect app for both the kinds. Add some much-needed yoga workout routine with this fabulous app and stretch like a pro!

Available on Android and iOS


6. JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer

Get the most out of your gym workouts with the help of this app perfect for people who love to go to the gym. It is a personal trainer that helps you get a fit and lean body. A great app for you to track progress and you can even send workout routines to friend!

Available on Android and iOS


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