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Female Journalist Reveals Her Reporting Ordeal, How Men Touch Their Crotch Around Women

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When it comes to public etiquettes, let’s face it, Indian men have a long, long way to go. And often, they use this low expectation of them to stoop to a whole new level in eve-teasing. It’s not always the cat-calling or the leering. The worst out of the lot is when men scratch their crotch in public, particularly when women are around. I mean, it’s seriously disgusting. And as bad as things are for the women in general, these things get ten times worse for female journalists who have no option but to go working in the field, smack in the middle of huge throngs of men. One such female journalist took to Twitter to share her experience of Indian men touching their crotches near women and other issues that female reporters face on a daily basis. And it makes the bile rise up in my throat.

Recently, Aishwarya Iyer, an Indian journalist, took to her Twitter to express the disgust and disappointment she feels when working in the field. She spoke about how she sees Indian men touching their crotches when women are around, or the way they make vulgar gestures when in public. And to top it off, they crowd near a female reporter when she’s doing her job. What’s worse, when the woman calls them out on it, they continue to do it, unperturbed.


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Most of the replies to the journalist’s tweet consisted of women agreeing to it and stating how they’ve also had to go through these things in their everyday lives. Be it while simply walking down the street, or in crowded public transport, women have to constantly be alert to ward off unwarranted touching, lecherous gazes, this whole disgusting ‘crotch touching’ phenomenon that is common in middle-aged men. 

As another person pointed out how sometimes, this crotch-scratching gesture is reflexive from years and years of bias, and many men don’t even understand how that can be problematic to women because they were never told it is. Sigh.


And honestly, I agree with the journalist. All the men out there, let me speak for most women of the country—scratching your crotch in public, making vulgar gestures at us, or leering is not acceptable. If anything, it makes us feel disgusting and uncomfortable around you. 

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